Resurrection Sunday – Easter – Looking To The Cross

I look at that crown and think about my Savior who wore a crown of thorns on His head carrying my sins to the cross.  That brings tears to think of all my ugly, ugly, sin. Resurrection Sunday, or as we grew up calling it Easter Sunday, is the oldest of the Christian holy days, and I… Continue reading Resurrection Sunday – Easter – Looking To The Cross


It’s Spring At Our House

I love the sounds of Spring - the birds chirping every time I walk outside, and when it warms up I can throw open the windows and hear all those happy sounds.  I love the bees humming around the plants when I go out to work in the flower beds.  See that little one on the… Continue reading It’s Spring At Our House

Encouragement, Grace-Filled, Love, Self-Sacrificing, Unconditional Love

Real Love Is

It's Five Minute Friday and I love joining Kate Matoung and the other FMF ladies for a Friday day of 5-minute blogs.  Come join in! What is "real" love?  Real love is the kind of love Jesus has for us.  It is that unconditional love - love that expects absolutely nothing in return.  It's about… Continue reading Real Love Is