Do Not Sin In Your Anger – Keep it Shut – Chapter 9 Week 5

1 Corinthians 1531Are you hurling hate and words and hurt to those around you in your anger, or are you using soft words to turn away others wrath?


One of the things that Karen Ehman said in this chapter of Keep It Shut was “I felt God clearly say, “Mind your own sin, sweetheart.”  That stopped me in my tracks when I read those words.  I really do try not to gossip.  I don’t like it, but how about all that other sin – like food mostly for me.  I know it is as bad as gossip, but God has been working on me for over a year now and it’s getting through.  I’ve exercised more the last month than I’ve exercised in a year.


I really hope my kids are reading this because there were times in the car when I could not pull over on that 45 minute drive from school when I would warn over and over and finally let it go.  I remember one time actually pulling over, but that’s as far as it got.  My son told me one day in front of the family at a meal after he was married I was a wooss, so I must not have been too bad.  If you are reading this children I APOLOGIZE.  If one of you read it, go tell the other one it is here.  Karen talked about screaming too.  There is not a verse in the Bible that tells us we can yell or scream at our kids.  P.S. It’s not ok to yell or scream to anybody.  That’s not in the Bible either.


Many of our problems in life are caused because we are self-oriented.  It’s a me, me, me type world we live in today and that makes me sad.  Karen reminded us “I gotta die”.  I loved that.  She used the example of her son playing a video game as they were arriving at school and he didn’t want to get out until his character died.  Here were her words which I dare not paraphrase because, well because, they are heart touching:

“As a follower of Christ, I am to die to self.  But so often,  I choose not to.  Instead, I elevate myself.  I promote self.  I think little of the other person and much of me.  But before I react…..before I hurl a harsh word…..before I pass judgment or speak unkindly to my husband or snap at my child, perhaps I need to take a deep breath and say, “Hang on a second, I gotta die.”  Die to self.  Die to flesh.  Die to my “rights” that too often result in my wrongs.  Yes, Paul said it best – I die daily.”  1 Corinthians 15:31

Too much in this chapter to type it all out, but as always I love the Book of Proverbs and we were reminded of a “woman who is praised not only for what she does, but more importantly for who she is – specifically, how she interacts with people.”

May He fill our mouths with worthwhile words.

Proverbs 3126


4 thoughts on “Do Not Sin In Your Anger – Keep it Shut – Chapter 9 Week 5”

  1. I loved this reflection. Thank you. Especially, I agree about food; it’s a trigger for me. I love it far too much and think of it too often. But the best part was the reflection on dying to oneself. I have gotten better at it in the last few years, painstakingly slow, but I have a long way to go before I can utter, “Hold on! I gotta die,” when I am feeling manipulated by my emotions or wrapped up in me. Great post.

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    1. Hey lady I am just seeing your comment. I am so far behind on comments and trying to catch up and thank folks and go visit their blogs. I just visited yours and commented. Thanks so much for stopping in and maybe I won’t be so long next time once I get caught up.


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