It’s Spring At Our House

hosea 63

I love the sounds of Spring – the birds chirping every time I walk outside, and when it warms up I can throw open the windows and hear all those happy sounds.  I love the bees humming around the plants when I go out to work in the flower beds.  See that little one on the plum tree.

Spring has sprung.  Yes, yes it is the first day of Spring.  I know for some of you, it hasn’t with the snow that is still around, but for us here in Texas it is here and arrived just as the calendar said it would.  We had snow just a few weeks ago, which is unusual for us and not just once, but we went through several weeks of ice and snow.

Spring brings sunshine, longer days and storms (still waiting for that sunshine here).

I love Spring, but for us it generally means severe weather and the threat for storms and tornadoes.  From the end of March until the end of May, it’s a time to be on the watch for damaging hail and winds.  That’s the only part of Spring I don’t enjoy, and I’m sure that some of you are not enjoying the snow that is still hanging around.  But this is the day our Lord has made, and I’m rejoicing that I am here to enjoy it no matter what the weather is like.

Yesterday I mowed just a little of our acreage, and my husband came in and finished up.  It takes hours to get our yard done.  Yes, we live in Texas and Spring for us also means lots of mowing when there is lots of rain, and there has been this year – snow, sleet and rain almost every day for over three weeks now.  In fact the weather man said this evening that it has rained fifteen of the last twenty days this month.  Not complaining at all.  We have been in a drought and it’s raining again today, tonight and tomorrow.  WOOHOO!

Spring brings new beginnings.

Here are a few pictures I’ve been snapping of spring at our house this week, and all the new life and splashes of color that are just popping out all over – daffodils, tulips, our orchard trees (peaches and plums).  It felt so good to get out just an hour last evening and start weeding flower beds.  We have a whole lot of them, but over the years have downsized because it was so much work.

Psalm 8512

As Spring is springing, and I see all the beautiful green lawns sprouting out and flowers all over the neighborhood, I can’t help but reflect and being constantly aware of new life, and new beginnings because of Christ.

God is such an artist!

bunting 2

I see tulips sprouting out, or at least the leaves are that my Daddy planted, and the shasta daises that Mom loved so much. There were even two yellow butterflies outside as I was walking to the mailbox yesterday.- Mom loved them too so my thoughts go to memories of her when I see one, and two were a double blessing.  These shasta daises are coming up everywhere.  Love them!

song of solomon 211-12


Spring is the perfect time to sit on the front porch and rock my grandsons, or put them in a stroller and take a long walk!

As the rain came down today, I took my 19-month old grandson out on the porch with his blanket and sit a bit and watched it come down looking out over the front flower beds and all the new life.

Spring means weeds and working in the herb garden.


Ecclesiastes 311


23 thoughts on “It’s Spring At Our House”

  1. Your spring is way ahead of ours here in Missouri. We are finally feeling some warmer temps, the dead brown grass is making way for fresh spring green grass, and I keep hearing talk of daffodils, but mine aren’t up. My hubby isn’t excited about the green as much as I am because of how much mowing we have to do. I, however, had hit the point of sick of dead grass. It was starting to become depressing. So happy to see spring break forth!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Carrie. We mow a lot here most Springs and Summers. We double team as my hubby calls it most times, but I enjoy getting out and pushing and then riding and getting 3 hours of exercise.


  2. I so enjoyed seeing your signs of spring as we still have about 2′ of snow on the ground. But I am noticing the winds starting to change & that brings me hope that growth will soon be sprouting. Have a blessed day!

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  3. Enjoyed your pictures! We live in the mountains of the Blue Ridge in NC – it is Spring here as well with daffodils blooming and tulips pushing up out of the ground. The lilac bushes are beginning to get little nubs of life on the branches. It is a wonderful time of year. I am your next door neighbor at Holley’s today!

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  4. We are seeing signs of spring in Illinois–along with one more burst of snow. The tulips and hyacinths are poking through the softening ground. I am grateful that snow and rain are providing water. I love the Bible verses that you have chosen to go with the photos. Blessings!

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  5. What a wonderful time of the year spring is, new life and growth in everything around us. We are heading into our winter here now and it is also a good season, of rest and recuperation. I must admit I enjoy winter and the ability to stay cozy and warm inside, but then spring comes and it is wonderful to throw open the windows and enjoy some fresh air. What a blessing all times of the year are and thank you to our God for them. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays, it is always a blessing when you pop by. Blessings

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  6. Spring has sprung here as well and I love it! My favorite time of year. God truly is an amazing artist! Nothing quite like the sounds of nature. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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