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And Then, He Shows Up OVER and OVER!


Have you noticed how God shows up, and He shows off?  He shows up when I awaken in the morning and kiss a loving husband goodbye.  He shows up as I sit down with my Bible and a cup of coffee.and  look out the window at a breathtaking sunrise.

I looked out the window at a breathtaking sunrise.  Oh yes, I saw this amazing sunrise this week.  What a glorious, glorious, breathtaking moment. And THEN over and over again He shows up! He shows off for me and you every single day if we just take a moment to savor all He has created and all He has done.

He makes an ordinary day a marvelous “extra-ordinary” day when I walk outside and see this beautiful tulip.  WHY! It’s a glorious, God moment because my Dad planted tulips around our pool over 20 years ago, and they still bloom.  This year I was not sure they would because of all the remodeling around the pool, but God.  Here’s the first one and looks like more are on the way.

He shows up in the  most spectacular ways like today as I saw this at my neighbor’s house.

He shows up in the storms.  He can calm the storms.  I lay in bed when the thunder came on Wednesday, and found myself saying, “I hear the rolling thunder and thy power throughout the universe displayed”.  How great He is!

He shows up in the evening, when I walk outside to see a moon with clouds beginning to cover it.

Come see Jesus.  Be blinded by His displays of beauty all around you.  Don’t miss Him today. Be still and know Him.

Ask God to show up today.  Ask Him to show up in your dark, weak and sad moments.  He offers hope. He offers peace.

Why are we so surprised when He shows up?  Why are we surprised when He goes above and beyond what we have prayed for and about?  When God shows up in the midst of all life’s circumstances,  the impossible becomes a possibility – a miracle right in front of us.

We have opportunities every single day of our lives to see Him “show up” in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our finances, our churches, our health and in nature.  Delve in His Word today.  Let Him write it on your heart.  Every word, every comma, every period has significance.  Open it up, choose one verse and see how the Word comes alive in your hearts.

He makes an ordinary day “extra-ordinary” when I pause and thank Him I have a house to clean, clothes to fold, dishes to wash, food to cook, bills that I can pay, and yes, even those flower beds that have to be weeded.

Has He made His presence known to you today?  Has He shown you a glory moment today?  Is He your hope?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

36 thoughts on “And Then, He Shows Up OVER and OVER!”

  1. This was spot on for me today! I thought my word for the year was restoration. I knew there was something deep inside myself that needed restored. I wasn’t sure what that was. In the past month I’ve drawn deeper into a depression and felt I would drowned in it. Nothing was going right, nothing was going MY way.
    Sunday morning our pastor preached a message on Hope. Every day this week I’ve had a battle raging and the word I clenged too was hope. My hope restored! All scriptures I’ve read has been directing me to remember to have hope. In Him, His promises, His path for me. Hope Restored! Restoration of Hope.

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  2. Debbie, I love the hope and encouragement here! Your images and Bible verses are beautiful and really bring the words to life. Jesus is my Hope and Strength each and every day. There are sacred moments to be enjoyed in the secular for those with eyes to see them. Yours are wide open to wonder! Blessings to you from your neighbour at Janis Cox’s site. 🙂 x


    1. Hi Kim, I’m answering some really old comments I found in a spam folder. Thank you so much for commenting. I enjoyed visiting your blog.


  3. OH what a beautiful inspiration to read today!! I will be repeating this mantra all day today… “He shows UP!” And I will be seeing His Evidence everywhere…

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  4. How beautiful and encouraging! Yes, He shows up throughout our days in wonderful ways. May He open our eyes to see His majesty! Blessings to you. I’m your neighbor at the #raralinkup!


  5. Such sweet reminders of God’s love. Thank you so much for sharing. I love when I catch sight of something beautiful and am reminded of the care God took when He created everything. This morning as I was driving my children to chapel, a beautiful bird flew right in front of my car with a streak of red and yellow in it’s wings. God is an artist for sure!


  6. My dear, sweet friend, how my heart and soul were refreshed and encouraged by this precious post! This was a beautiful reminder of how great, kind, loving, and amazing our God is. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you

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  7. I love the verses. This is very thoughtful and encouraging… When we have our hearts and thoughts focused on Him, we often see Him in everything. Thank you for sharing..

    Hopping in from Thought Provoking Thursday…


    1. Thanks for hopping by Grace. I have found a ton of comments in a moderation folder on my blog. So sorry I missed yours.


  8. I am so honored that you shared this with TGI Saturdays this week and I was able to find my way here this morning. What a precious reflection for the soul. What beautiful photos & bible quotes. I see my Father show up in so many things. I hear Him in the bird’s singing in the morning, when a yummy breakfast or any meal is before me ready to be eaten, in my children’s giggles and smiles and so much more. You truly blessed my heart today. Hope to see you at TGI Saturdays this weekend. We’ll be up from 8 a.m today. Blessings to you.

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  9. He certainly does show up and I marvel each and every day at the glorious things he created for us! For the life of me I can not fathom how anyone could ever think there is not God! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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