In The Morning Dew and Stillness

This morning it was a misty kind of morning and it was to be a cool day with expected thunderstorms, hail, wind and possible tornadoes later today.  I flung up the windows and felt a cool air blowing in.  Love having the windows open this time of the year.

As the sun began to rise the birds were chirping away – sounds I don’t always hear when the windows are shut.  Loved hearing them as I did my morning Bible study and spent time in prayer.  It’s a little sad today as I received an email yesterday that a lady I worked with for more than 20 years is on hospice and not expected to make it more than a couple of weeks – cancer is back.

I cleaned out the freezer on the bottom of our refrigerator, and as I walked outside to put a bag of trash out beside the curb, one of our doves flew out of the tree at me. Love that she is sitting on two eggs just right outside my kitchen window.

Psalm 961

I stopped to smell my Iris’ and ran inside for a pair of scissors to cut a couple for my kitchen table and tidied up a bit because our almost two-month old grandson was coming over to spend a few hours with NaNa this morning while his mom ran some errands.

2 Samuel 234

I kept my youngest grandson a bit while his Mom ran some errands and she brought us lunch – tacos, which is one of my favorites, nursed the baby and then off they went, but the other 20-month old grandson will be here tonight while his daddy and mommy go out to celebrate dad’s birthday.

It’s been an awesome day, and time to go tidy up a bit and get ready for grandson #2.

This post was featured on http://www.asklatisha.com/tgi-saturdays-15/ on 5-1-2015.


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