It’s Five-Minute Friday and I’m joining Kate Motaung and the FMF girls.  The word this week is Door.

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This verse says to go away by ourselves and shut the door.  I do that sometime in my closet, but lately I’ve been spending some quality time on the back porch listening to the waterfalls and really spending time with Him.

I love the part of the verse that says, “God sees everything…”.  He sees it all.  He sees every fear, every tear, every worry, every wrinkle, every freckle, every hair on my head, every star in the sky, the birds in the air.   My prayers are significant. My prayers are not insignificant to God.  Did you hear that – they are significant!  NOTHING in our lives is insignificant to Him.

We can pray anywhere, anytime.

  •  I find myself praying all day long.
  •  I might be found standing over a sink of dirty dishes thanking God for them and the food He puts on our table.
  •  I can be found folding my husband’s underwear and praying as I fold each piece, or ironing his shirts.
  • Many times laying in bed during the night or awakening I lay there and pray.
  • One of our grandsons was here a few weeks ago spending the night and ended up in our bed, and as he laid his little head on my stomach, I found myself touching his head and praying for him head to toe as I moved my hand down his precious little body.
  •  I pray on my sofa in the mornings for my Bible study sisters and my family – sometimes simple prayers, sometimes gut-wrenching prayers and tears.
  • Now I’m finding myself praying the Max Lucado’s pocket prayer at school, when I am in a checkout line, or a service station.
  • I pray when I drive through the Post Office and drop off mail thanking God that He has provided finances to pay all the bills.

Just pray for whoever you come in contact with throughout your day – even those people trying to run you off the freeway.


7 thoughts on “Door”

  1. Blessed to be your neighbor at FMF! Loved this post. Praying doesn’t have to be fancy at all. I remind parents of that when I teach them to pray with their kiddos. I love your examples!


    1. Thanks Tara. Just seeing this comment in my spam folder. I tried to visit you but looks like you aren’t blogging now. Hope everything is okay.


  2. 😉 be careful of the people trying to run you off the freeway! We get so busy and distracted, I think it’s a great idea to pray for the other drivers on the road. I have found that the closer I grown to Jesus, the easier it is to ‘pray without ceasing.’

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  3. I love the idea of praying all throughout the day. I try to remember to pray for each person I met but at times I find myself rushing through my day and not noticing others as I should. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and pray. Visiting from FMF

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