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Our Father Knows Best

30 May


This chapter was the beginning of the believing phase.  Lysa shared a snake experience.  I don’t like snakes.  Can I just scream eeeeeeeeeeeek?   How about you? She shared how God sees the dangers we are going to experience, and may take us on routes we never expected.  That snake was so ugly looking down on us.  God is looking down on us every moment, and He knows exactly what is going to happen next in our lives.

Recently, we were at our deer lease and my married son came into the cabin and said, “Mom, you want to see some baby birds.”  I rushed out with him along with my DIL, hubby and grandson.  He said the little birds were on the ground, but we couldn’t find them.  We did find their mommy chirping loudly in a nearby tree and walked over there thinking the babies would be in sight.  They weren’t.  There was a scary snake climbing up the tree.  It was so ugly and my son grabbed it by the tail to save the birds.  It took off.  We could see the danger that poor bird was about to experience, just as our Father sees the dangers we are about to experience.

This phase is a wonderful phase after that terrible famine we have been in.  It’s a time of believing Him because He has become so real.  Our circumstances may be exactly the same, but the difference is how our hearts have changed.  We have left our comfort zones and stepped out in faith.  He pushes us into that faith zone if we will obey.  Lysa writes, “I chose to believe God in this moment. I chose, by the Holy Spirit’s power, to honor what I knew to be true about God even though my feelings lagged behind.”  Once we trust God the famine phase is over, and we can believe God like never before.

I stumble with the best of them, or is that with the worst of them?  When Lysa shared at the end of this chapter how she loved on her husband Art and said, as she cupped his face, “I loved you yesterday when we had everything, I love you today when we have nothing.  I love you, Art, not for what you have but for who you are.”  It reminded me of times I have not loved as I should – times when I just clammed up and didn’t speak for days.  WHY!  I only know Satan was laughing because I was stumbling and failing.  I don’t do that anymore – thank YOU Jesus.  Thank You for many more opportunities daily to be the wife You have called me to be, and thank you Lord that I can love my husband for who he is.

May we listen for His voice, walking in obedience so as not stumble.

Chapter 9 – What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa TerKeurst


Not Bogged Down

30 May


That picture is of our back yard.  Yep it’s looked like that for weeks now – at least all of May and part of April.  We went from a snowy winter here in Texas to record setting months of rain and May ended up being the wettest month ever where I live in 100 years for which records have been kept.

I loved studying Joseph and seeing how he refused to never get bogged down.  What a life to follow and model.  No matter what happened to Joseph – being sold to slave traders, held in captive, a slave, and prison after being disliked by his brothers who sold him, Joseph still honored God and he also honored his brothers many years later.  No God didn’t take Joseph out of all those horrible situations, but Joseph still honored him.  How have you honored God during a horrible situation?  I can think of some I have, and some I have not.

This quote by Lysa caused me to pause and re-read.  “And the effects of their bad decision haunted generations who came after them.  As we make ordinary decisions, do we, I wonder, have any idea of the impact and influence those decisions have on the people around us and the generations to come?”  Do you ever stop and think of decisions you are making and how they are impacting future generations?   Are you glorifying God no matter what is going on in your life today?  One bad decision can tragically change our families forever.

During the famine season we learn to depend on God.  “As a result things will be stripped from you that hinder the relationship He wants to have with you. You may experience a shake up in your finances, your friendships, your position of leadership, you expectations, or one of a thousand other things that we put our trust in God.  He strips something away. He does it for our good and not to harm us.”  I have learned He has a holy plan for each of us.  He uses our pain for His purposes.  We have to learn to be thankful no matter the circumstances, and use that pain to glorify Him.

The famine season WILL pass.  God is with us just as He was with Joseph.  Remember the hard times you are going through are for His glory.  This too shall pass!

Let’s refuse to not get bogged down.  Keep moving.  Keep looking up.

Chapter 8 – Refusing to Get Bogged Down – What Happens When Women Walk in Faith – Lysa TerKeurst


29 May

The word this week on Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday is Blue.

My favorite color is blue. My Bible is blue. DSC01700

My sofas are both blue.  Two bedrooms are decorated in blue, and I have blue in the kitchen.  I have blue cushions on my chairs on my front porch.

My pedometer is blue. blog-pedometer

I love blue skies and we have seen little of them this year, but this beautiful picture was taken last year at the Billy Graham Retreat Center in North Carolina.NC13

We went from a long winter of snow and now record rain fall the last few months.  May is not over and last night we broke a record here in Texas.  This month has been the wettest month ever with over sixteen inches already breaking the old record of over thirteen inches.  This type weather could cause some blues with so many days of rain since March, but hey you always know it’s gonna pass so deal with it and that’s what we’ve done.  Our flower beds are a mess.  The pool is not ready and usually the patio furniture is ready, but not so much this year.

I love blue birds and got some neat pictures last month.


I have a few blue flowers planted.  Blog - Hosea 6 3

I have one grandson under two and another who just turned four months so there are lots of blue things around here.  We waited years for a grand child and one of them has blue eyes.  colt baseball

Some sunshine and blue skies  in the long-range forecast and we can’t wait to see that and those blue skies next week.  Maybe it will get warm.  We have had a much cooler May this year.  Hoping for temperatures that will allow us to go fishing with our son and swim in our new pool.

poolafishing - me


29 May

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church and we sang that song “Let Others See Jesus In You.”.  It was kinda’ slow, and not one of my favorite songs, but the older I get, the more I realize there are so many times that others don’t see Jesus in me. Oh my goodness it breaks my heart how I have failed others my whole life – at home, at work, at church.

When I look in a mirror what do I see or what do I think?  Some days I have to admit it’s scary.  Those stinkin’ thoughts like:

  • My hair looks bad.  I need a hair cut, a new hair style, color or perm.
  • Look at those lines.  Oh my goodness I need a face lift, but nope I don’t believe in that.
  • I am sooooooo fat.  I need to go on a diet and I sure need to exercise more as I run a few steps in place there in front of the mirror.
  • I am getting sooooo old.  Good grief – we went today to sign up for Medicare.  Was a very strange feeling.  Where has time gone?  I still feel like that young 19-year old that was getting married yesterday, and yes, still in love with that same wonderful man.
  • I’m a mess.  That does not look good on me.  Why did I buy that?

Are you like me, when you gaze in that mirror?  What do you see or say?

What does God say about you and me?   What if we looked into a mirror and see what He sees?  What we should be thinking when we look in the mirror is:

What God Says About Me

It’s not about who we are looking at in the mirror.  It is and should be about who we are trying to mirror.  I need to look in the mirror and say, “Thank You Lord for how You created me”.  I need to look in the mirror and die to my self every day.  I need to look in that mirror and examine myself in faith and God’s eyes.  We need to be asking God who we are, and looking to be more like Him by studying what the Word says.  We need to spend time in our mirror – the Word – and not just glancing in a glass mirror.

As we begin to see ourselves as Jesus sees us, we will begin to look at others differently and they will see Jesus in us.  Is He reflected today in your actions with your family, friends, and neighbors?  Is He reflected today in your blogging, your email, your Facebook comments, your church, your jobs, the way you handle money and keep your home and body?  Our behavior should mimic His, and I have to honestly say my behavior does not some time.

Do others see Jesus in you:

  • When you go out to eat and a waitress messes up, or does not give you the exceptional service that YOU deserve, do you send back the food in a rude manner and just complain about everything?  Do you tip her/he less because of their poor service?  Do you belittle them to their manager?  Is that what Jesus would do?  For me, I used to tip 10-20 % depending on service.  But, today I realize that Jesus wants me to treat every waiter the same.
  • When a driver cuts you off, do you cuss, do you make hand motions, do you call them an idiot or worse?  Is that what Jesus would do?  When that happens I pray for that driver that God will change their heart and actions.
  • When your child disappoints you or makes a mistake, do you scream and yell or do you sit down and talk about it?  I have to admit when mine were younger, Jesus saw me yelling at times.  I don’t get a do-over and yep there are things I would do different today.
  • When you are upset with your spouse, do you clam up or do you yell and throw things?  Both are wrong. I used to clam up.  Not proud of it, but it’s good for the soul to look back at how far I have come.
  • When a telephone solicitor calls, how do you respond?  I’m still working on that one.  If you have ideas, I would love to hear them.  Yes, the phone just rang, and it was an unknown number.  I decided to answer and be nice and polite.
  • When someone messes up at work, do you show grace?  We’ve all been there.  Remember when you messed up and how you felt.

Titus 27

When I think less of myself, I don’t need others to fill my cup.  I only need Jesus to fill my cup.  When I think less of myself I am not as sensitive, or self-conscious, or comparing myself to others.  When I think less of myself, I am not looking for compliments to feel good, or look for others approval.  When I think less of myself I only have to look to Him for my approval.

If you want to let others see Jesus in you:

  • Be the same person every day that you are in church, unless you are the one in church that is causing conflict.
  • Be a person that can keep a confidence.  It’s so hard to find a friend that can keep a confidence.  I love that my husband and my children can be trusted to keep a confidence, and me too.
  • Be a person of self-control.  Control your tongue to not gossip.  Control your anger – it’s not that hard.  Control your emotions.
  • Be kind and compassionate and not greedy or stingy.
  • Be honest.  Don’t exaggerate.  Don’t cover up your children’s mistakes, and please admit when they fail at school and listen to the school administration.  Don’t misrepresent the facts or add to them.
  • Be humble – not cocky, not proud, not self-centered.
  • Be pure.  Watch what you read and what you see on television.
  • Be a person who serves and not one that expects to be served.

We have to become more like Christ in everything we do.  Let your lights shine!

blog-Matthew 516

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Memorial Day – Remember

25 May

flag - john 1513

Today we remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I don’t take that for granted.  I am so thankful for every man and woman who have ever served, but on this Memorial Day we honor those who lost their lives. May we not forget them and the sacrifices they have made.

Memorial Day should be exactly what it says – a day of memorial.  Originally it was set aside as a day to remember all those who died in the Civil War – over 700,000 casualities, and as I research my family tree I had great, great grandparents fight on both sides, and lost at least one of them in his twenties with a wife and my great grandfather left alone.  I am touched by the sacrifices made in all the wars.  I imagine back then that Decoration Day, as they called it, was nothing like today where we are planning celebrations outside with hamburgers, brisket, hot dogs and swimming parties.  Back then they remembered and spent a day going to the cemeteries to put flowers.

Today is not just a day out of school and off of work, but a time to REMEMBER. It’s NOT a happy holiday.   It’s a time to pause and give thanks to all those who made that ultimate sacrifice for you and me.  So today no matter what you are doing, will you take a moment and give thanks for all those who died for our freedom.

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