It’s Five Minute Friday with Kate Matoung where we gather and write for five minutes and the word today is meet.  This is going to be so much fun to write about those that God has placed in my path to MEET.  GO!


I think back at all the people I have met over the years and how they have changed my life – a shy, introvert –  BUT GOD knew exactly the family and friends to place in my path to mold me into the person I am today.

MOM and DAD – I met my Mom and Dad over sixty years ago and my two sisters and an aunt who came to live with us in high school and several foster sisters who have kept in touch.  I’m so thankful this Mother’s Day for all Mom and Dad taught me and my sisters and aunt through the years about God, truth, faith, values, and love of my country.  Oh how I wish there were more parents like them today that were strict and expected more of their children.  And how I wish they were here today to gather with family and do what they always did on special days and join hands and recite The Lord’s Prayer – every little one – all the nieces and nephews knew that prayer.

TEACHERS – I met my first grade teacher in Athens, Texas – Mrs. Raytwho taught me so much.  Yes, I still have an album of pictures teaching me respect for my country and a love of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  BUT GOD was there in her classroom.  She took the time to come and pick every single student up one on one during the year and took us to church and after for an ice cream.  I wonder if every single student got to experience that.  I bet they did.  I’ve never forgot and think how different our world would be today if teachers were allowed to do that now for their students.  And, I’ve never forgotten her name although I have so many other teachers over the years.

FRIENDS – I met my friend, Mary S. my first year of high school and I also met my Savior at church one Sunday with her.   I had been in church and felt His nudging when I was about twelve, but was scared to walk down that aisle.  Thank you Mary for all those fun Sundays we had before we fell in love and went with our sweethearts.

HUBBY – I also met my husband in high school and after dating other guys, he was different.  He was funny, he was a church boy, and he was sweet and considerate and called me “Punkin”.  He would change my walk with God as we served together in church, as I watched him become an awesome father and now it is so sweet watching his adoration for our two grandsons.  It gives me glory bumps watching his devotion to me and family.  Forty-six years this summer I have been privileged to be called his wife, and still today I can not wait to see him drive up and walk in the door smiling and give me a hug and kiss.

CHILDREN – I met our first child, a son after years of miscarriages and then our daughter who came nine weeks early and was not expected to live.  BUT God had two especially awesome children in mind for us, and I’ve said over and over I would walk through every second of that journey of pain again to experience the life I’ve had with these two kids.  I am so thankful this Mother’s Day that God gave me these two and I will love them until I know longer breathe.

IN-LAWS and LOVES – How about all those in-laws?  You guessed it.  God placed me with in-laws that love Him and serve Him – mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws and the most precious gifts of a son-in-love and a daughter-in-love that amaze me at their faith in God and how they have walked through trials steadfastly in faith even when they were torn inside to be blessed with children.

GRANDCHILDREN – I met our first grandson under some horrific circumstances – a disease called EB that caused him to be born with no skin on his precious little feet.  BUT GOD knew the perfect family and brought him into a family on both sides with parents, grandparents and great- grandparents, and an aunt and uncle that were on their knees praying for a miracle while the world told us there was no cure and it would only get worse.  It didn’t get worse and has gotten better and better.  He isn’t cured, BUT GOD grew skin where there was none, and God cured the sores in his little mouth and on his hands and head, and God allowed us to hold him, allowed him to crawl and today he runs and plays and his skin is tough with the God-gene that God gave him.

I met our second grandson after years of infertility for his parents, BUT GOD had a plan and today that precious little boy is almost 3 months old and laughing out loud and will be crawling before we know it and saying Pa Pa and NaNa.

SCHOOL FRIENDS and WORK FRIENDS – I thank God this morning for high-school friends I met over fifty years ago and still have lunch with them occasionally, of friends that I worked with for 40 years and five of them I met for lunch last week after we attended a funeral for one we loved, and for old friends I am blessed to  meet next week from work.  I am so thankful for technology that allows me to keep in daily contact, and for His presence as I am driving and I think of someone and can just dial them up and talk to them.

CHURCH FRIENDS – I thank God for so, so many church friends who have touched our lives over the years and showered us with love, and are there today from old churches and new and still more valuable to us than silver or gold.  Too many to count, but we treasure their friendship and love for our family for our entire lives from marriage and I know even unto death they will be available and loving and praying for us.

BIBLE STUDY FRIENDS – I have many Proverbs 31 on-line Bible study sisters that I have never met, and hundreds of others I have met through our studies for lunch, for coffee, some that gathered for a 5K run in Ft. Worth and traveled here to walk with me and my family to fight EB, and many I was honored to meet and stay with at a retreat in the mountains of North Carolina last Fall.  Friends that flooded me with texts, emails, cards and prayers when Mom died and when our grandson was born and in ICU and some who came to the hospital to pray for a miracle. Loving, caring, God-loving friends that are there just like my Lord 24/7.  I can click on-line any moment and someone is there to encourage, to pray, to love.

NEIGHBORS – God has surrounded us with great neighbors.  From the time we married with friends upstairs in our apartment complex that we spent late-night Saturdays playing cards, to neighbors reaching out and bringing food when we had a preemie in the hospital to friends now that come out to talk, bring over a piece of cheesecake or cookies or deer jerkey, tons of veggies out of their gardens and fish.  We have always been blessed by great neighbors.

I am thankful today to go back and ponder on all those that have crossed my path.


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