Faith in Adversity

Chapter 6 of What Happens When Women Walk in Faith is titled, God’s Extraordinary Invitation.  On the first page of this chapter Lysa was talking about two young boys they adopted from an orphanage in Africa, and how the orphanage taught them, “how to pray, how to have faith in the face of extreme adversity, and despite times of starvation and deadly attacks by the rebels, how to keep God’s joy dancing in their hearts.”

1 Peter 57

How do we face extreme adversities and keep joy dancing in our hearts?   We have to KNOW that our joy only comes from a deeply-rooted trust in God.   Some days the pain is so great that we have to look for the smallest of blessings to move forward.  Some days we can’t even find words to utter to pray so we just utter Jesus!

Today as I woke up and looked at the calendar it’s May 12, and it would have been Mom’s 82nd birthday.  When she died, I had to look for blessings – a text, a phone call, a card.  I had to ponder on precious memories.  What were the blessings?    It was knowing she was not suffering another day from rheumatoid arthritis, the loss of a leg from a bacteria caught in the hospital, depression from losing my Dad, osteoarthritis, and COPD.  It was knowing she was spending that Valentine’s Day with my Daddy.  It was knowing she was healed.  It was not about me and my loss, but that God had picked her up in His loving arms and carried her home.  I was sad and still am today, but I can find joy in all the little memories and times we spent together.  When I see a dragonfly, a butterfly, a daisy, or a sunflower I think of Mom with precious, precious memories and so I walked outside and took a picture of my first daisies that are blooming in my front flower bed this morning.  There will be many more to come in the weeks ahead.  So many are shooting up out of the ground right now. Happy Birthday Mom!  We miss you.

John 1511

Our futures are in God’s loving hands.  Sometimes our adversities are so hard, so devastating, our hearts are breaking, and we don’t know how we can get through another minute, much less a day as we throw ourselves on our knees and bawl our eyes out, but we must embrace whatever life is handing to us and depend on Him to carry us through.   Thinking about making it another day can be impossible, but stopping to look around for a little piece of  joy and embracing it can bring a joyful moment – a child smiling, a flower, a bird, a beautiful sky, memories.  Embrace a moment and find something to honor Him and thank Him taking it one step, one moment at a time.

Romans 828

What are your fears, anxieties, tears, burdens, or trials today?  It’s time to trust and pray and roll everything over to let Him take care of it.  Know that if you truly love Him that He is working for your good in whatever your circumstances may be.

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13 thoughts on “Faith in Adversity”

  1. What a beautiful way to deal with your devastating loss, to see your sweet mother spending Valentine’s Day with your dad. My daughter and I both love daisies. We even got matching tattoos on our feet with them, so those will always connect us :). Thank you for this encouragement today: “Embrace a moment and find something to honor Him and thank Him taking it one step, one moment at a time.” I love that! I move too fast through life sometimes and this is perfect advice for me.

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  2. This is great encouragement. We do all hit these bumps in life. We have a choice – to die in our heart or to let our heart come back to life as we seek God’s hand. You direct my heart to the latter. Thank you! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

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  3. When I see a dragonfly, a butterfly, a daisy, or a sunflower I think of Mom with precious, precious memories. Beautiful! When we lost Kyle, my best friend told me every time I say a butterfly I would hear him say “Love ya, Mom!” And a dragonfly, I’d hear “HEY, HEY Momma!” because he was such a cutup. Now I hear God whisper “love you daughter” or chuckle with a “Hey Girl!” Beautiful

    May I invite you to join the DanceWithJesus Linkup each Friday at SusanBMead.com/blog-2? Love to have you share there too.

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