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RISE {Five Minute Friday}


It’s Five-Minute Friday and I am joining Kate Motaung and the FMF girls to write with no polishing for five minutes. The word today is RISE.

These verses were the first thing that  came to mind when I saw the word prompt for today.

Psalm 1391-4

When I rise up every morning He knows it.  I awaken each day early and excited and jump out of bed to go to the bathroom, wash my face, sip a drink of water and make the bed.  After breakfast it is two, or some days five cups of coffee with a little sweetener and gingerbread creamer.  Yep, I freeze the creamer at Christmas when the stores have it so I have enough to last until next season when the pumpkin and gingerbread creamers arrive back in the stores.

While I’m drinking coffee, I am doing my Bible study and blogging and treasuring those sweet, quiet moments in the morning before the sun rises with my Lord, my Bible and my coffee.  He knows when I am sitting down and is with me every single morning.

This verse reminded me today that He is always near.  He’s there even when we don’t feel it, even when we think He is milliions of miles from us, when our heart are breaking, when we are praising.  He is there.

He sees our defects, our faults, our longings, our misgivings.  He knows our thoughts and He knows our dreams.  He knows the words I am thinking.  He knows those words I feel like blurting out when someone almost runs me off the road.   He sees.  He knows.

I love The Message version of these verses.   It says I am like an”open book”.  What a way to describe it, and may I model the Bible as my open book.  He knows when I am, and He knows when I am not.

He searches me or in other words, examines me.  He knows things that my friends and family do not know about me.  He knows my good habits like when I want to clean and when I want to exercise, and He knows my bad habits when I don’t eat right and yes when I go get that unhealthy snack out of the pantry.  He knows every good and every stinkin’ thing about my days and nights.

I am ALWAYS on His mind.

“God sees us with the eyes of a Father.  He sees our defects, errors, and blemishes.  He also sees our value”  Max Lucado


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