Memorial Day – Remember

flag - john 1513

Today we remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I don’t take that for granted.  I am so thankful for every man and woman who have ever served, but on this Memorial Day we honor those who lost their lives. May we not forget them and the sacrifices they have made.

Memorial Day should be exactly what it says – a day of memorial.  Originally it was set aside as a day to remember all those who died in the Civil War – over 700,000 casualities, and as I research my family tree I had great, great grandparents fight on both sides, and lost at least one of them in his twenties with a wife and my great grandfather left alone.  I am touched by the sacrifices made in all the wars.  I imagine back then that Decoration Day, as they called it, was nothing like today where we are planning celebrations outside with hamburgers, brisket, hot dogs and swimming parties.  Back then they remembered and spent a day going to the cemeteries to put flowers.

Today is not just a day out of school and off of work, but a time to REMEMBER. It’s NOT a happy holiday.   It’s a time to pause and give thanks to all those who made that ultimate sacrifice for you and me.  So today no matter what you are doing, will you take a moment and give thanks for all those who died for our freedom.

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