The word this week on Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday is Blue.

My favorite color is blue. My Bible is blue. DSC01700

My sofas are both blue.  Two bedrooms are decorated in blue, and I have blue in the kitchen.  I have blue cushions on my chairs on my front porch.

My pedometer is blue. blog-pedometer

I love blue skies and we have seen little of them this year, but this beautiful picture was taken last year at the Billy Graham Retreat Center in North Carolina.NC13

We went from a long winter of snow and now record rain fall the last few months.  May is not over and last night we broke a record here in Texas.  This month has been the wettest month ever with over sixteen inches already breaking the old record of over thirteen inches.  This type weather could cause some blues with so many days of rain since March, but hey you always know it’s gonna pass so deal with it and that’s what we’ve done.  Our flower beds are a mess.  The pool is not ready and usually the patio furniture is ready, but not so much this year.

I love blue birds and got some neat pictures last month.


I have a few blue flowers planted.  Blog - Hosea 6 3

I have one grandson under two and another who just turned four months so there are lots of blue things around here.  We waited years for a grand child and one of them has blue eyes.  colt baseball

Some sunshine and blue skies  in the long-range forecast and we can’t wait to see that and those blue skies next week.  Maybe it will get warm.  We have had a much cooler May this year.  Hoping for temperatures that will allow us to go fishing with our son and swim in our new pool.

poolafishing - me


3 thoughts on “BLUE”

  1. I love your photographs! My husband and I were at the Billy Graham retreat center last year to hear Fernando Ortega. It is a beautiful place and we had a wonderful time. Aren’t grandchildren wonderful? 🙂 That’s a great photo of you holding the fish. Is that one you caught? Blessings to you and have a great weekend! I’m your neighbor at FMF.


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