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Not Bogged Down


That picture is of our back yard.  Yep it’s looked like that for weeks now – at least all of May and part of April.  We went from a snowy winter here in Texas to record setting months of rain and May ended up being the wettest month ever where I live in 100 years for which records have been kept.

I loved studying Joseph and seeing how he refused to never get bogged down.  What a life to follow and model.  No matter what happened to Joseph – being sold to slave traders, held in captive, a slave, and prison after being disliked by his brothers who sold him, Joseph still honored God and he also honored his brothers many years later.  No God didn’t take Joseph out of all those horrible situations, but Joseph still honored him.  How have you honored God during a horrible situation?  I can think of some I have, and some I have not.

This quote by Lysa caused me to pause and re-read.  “And the effects of their bad decision haunted generations who came after them.  As we make ordinary decisions, do we, I wonder, have any idea of the impact and influence those decisions have on the people around us and the generations to come?”  Do you ever stop and think of decisions you are making and how they are impacting future generations?   Are you glorifying God no matter what is going on in your life today?  One bad decision can tragically change our families forever.

During the famine season we learn to depend on God.  “As a result things will be stripped from you that hinder the relationship He wants to have with you. You may experience a shake up in your finances, your friendships, your position of leadership, you expectations, or one of a thousand other things that we put our trust in God.  He strips something away. He does it for our good and not to harm us.”  I have learned He has a holy plan for each of us.  He uses our pain for His purposes.  We have to learn to be thankful no matter the circumstances, and use that pain to glorify Him.

The famine season WILL pass.  God is with us just as He was with Joseph.  Remember the hard times you are going through are for His glory.  This too shall pass!

Let’s refuse to not get bogged down.  Keep moving.  Keep looking up.

Chapter 8 – Refusing to Get Bogged Down – What Happens When Women Walk in Faith – Lysa TerKeurst


12 thoughts on “Not Bogged Down”

  1. Amen! I know it’s so much harder to DO than it is to say… but I know for me, in my life, when I have been able to stay thankful and trust – even in the hard and trying times, I have grown closer to God and my faith has been strengthened! Great post! We are neighbors over at Kelly’s place for #SmallWonders


  2. My favorite story in the Bible is that of Joseph! I’m glad I dropped by, to be reminded of not being ‘bogged down’ and that God allows painful circumstances only to bring about good. Thanks for the reminders!


  3. Love the analogy, BloggerLovesTheKing! So true! I was thinking about a few significant shake-ups in my life over the past year and a half as I read this, and yes, some of them had become idols in my life. Great post! Blessings from #EspressosofFaith via #WomenWithIntentionWednesdays!


  4. Your post really gets me thinking…how do my actions today affect tomorrow. What might play out by how I act. It makes me want to take a closer look at myself. Thank you for this! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.


  5. Keep looking up and keep moving on….amen! Once again you have shared a wonderful post, dear friend. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Happy weekend!


  6. I know that Texas received so much rain! We had our wettest May here as well, but you guys really got hit hard. I love how you used it as a teaching moment and used the story of Joseph! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jann and now we have Tropical Bill visiting us today 3-5 inches all around and flooding again, but we like rain in the summer – don’t have to water. We are finally out of a very long drought.


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