Our Father Knows Best


This chapter was the beginning of the believing phase.  Lysa shared a snake experience.  I don’t like snakes.  Can I just scream eeeeeeeeeeeek?   How about you? She shared how God sees the dangers we are going to experience, and may take us on routes we never expected.  That snake was so ugly looking down on us.  God is looking down on us every moment, and He knows exactly what is going to happen next in our lives.

Recently, we were at our deer lease and my married son came into the cabin and said, “Mom, you want to see some baby birds.”  I rushed out with him along with my DIL, hubby and grandson.  He said the little birds were on the ground, but we couldn’t find them.  We did find their mommy chirping loudly in a nearby tree and walked over there thinking the babies would be in sight.  They weren’t.  There was a scary snake climbing up the tree.  It was so ugly and my son grabbed it by the tail to save the birds.  It took off.  We could see the danger that poor bird was about to experience, just as our Father sees the dangers we are about to experience.

This phase is a wonderful phase after that terrible famine we have been in.  It’s a time of believing Him because He has become so real.  Our circumstances may be exactly the same, but the difference is how our hearts have changed.  We have left our comfort zones and stepped out in faith.  He pushes us into that faith zone if we will obey.  Lysa writes, “I chose to believe God in this moment. I chose, by the Holy Spirit’s power, to honor what I knew to be true about God even though my feelings lagged behind.”  Once we trust God the famine phase is over, and we can believe God like never before.

I stumble with the best of them, or is that with the worst of them?  When Lysa shared at the end of this chapter how she loved on her husband Art and said, as she cupped his face, “I loved you yesterday when we had everything, I love you today when we have nothing.  I love you, Art, not for what you have but for who you are.”  It reminded me of times I have not loved as I should – times when I just clammed up and didn’t speak for days.  WHY!  I only know Satan was laughing because I was stumbling and failing.  I don’t do that anymore – thank YOU Jesus.  Thank You for many more opportunities daily to be the wife You have called me to be, and thank you Lord that I can love my husband for who he is.

May we listen for His voice, walking in obedience so as not stumble.

Chapter 9 – What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa TerKeurst


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