How To Hear God’s Whispers


I have been in a Bible study on the book your Life Still Counts by Tracie Miles.  This week we studied chapter 6 and listening to the right voice and the different ways that God talks to us.  Are you listening?  I am, but I look back at all the years I went to church, worked at church, loved church – but I was not spending the quality time to hear His whispers.

WHISPERS IN THE WORD:  One of my favorite quotes from this week was “The primary way to hear God’s whispers is through His Word.  When we saturate our hearts and minds with Scripture, His Word becomes alive.”  Ouch!  Again so many years I read the Word but it was not saturating.  It was a mad rush to study my Sunday school lesson, or prepare a lesson for children, but I really was not studying and letting it saturate my heart, mind and soul.

“I wanted to know HIS story so I could let it become a part of mine.”  Now that I really am studying the Word is so precious and I am finding verses that mean so much.  Yes, before I had favorite verses, but if you ask me today I can’t give you a favorite.  There are too many.

WHISPERS IN PRAYER:  I pray all day long, and now I spend time on my knees and really lifting others up sometimes in tears.  Have I heard His whispers?  You bet I have.  Tracie said her general rule of thumb is never to say Amen.  I say amen to that and going to start doing that this week.

WHISPERS IN OUR THOUGHTS:  Have you ever had someone come to mind that is ill or going through a hard time.  Perhaps that was a whisper from God for you to text them, email them, phone them or send a card.  He speaks to us that way we just don’t listen.  Does God wake you up during the night?  Is someone on your mind you need to pray for?

WHISPERS THROUGH OTHERS: Sometimes God speaks through us through other people encouraging us, directing us or perhaps even scolding us to reach into our thick heads.  Love this quote, “God doesn’t deal in coincidences – He orchestrates God-incidences.  Nothing “just happens” without passing through the fingers of God.”

Hear His voice today.  Tracie said “get down on your knees so He can help you get back on your feet.”


9 thoughts on “How To Hear God’s Whispers”

  1. Nothing is a coincidence with God! I agree that He speaks primarily through His Word, but also through His creation, including fellow believers who give Godly counsel. And if we listen as well as ask in quiet time and in prayer, we will hear His whispers! Thank you for the lovely post! Linked up with you at Titus 2 Tuesdays — hope you’ll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,


  2. My dear friend, you have written another beautiful and precious post. I loved how your theme was “Whispers.” Such true words….. Yes, may we saturate ourselves in God’s Holy Word. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration.


  3. Thank you for sharing what you are learning. I do not saturate myself with His Word. I want to because my most wonderful desire is to be close to Him and to look like the image of Christ in this world.
    Thankful you are my neighbor at W2W.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


  4. Hi, there! I’m stopping by from Tell it to me Tuesdays. What a good reminder to listen to the the various “whispers” in our lives so that we might grow in the faith! 🙂
    Jen @ Being Confident of This


  5. My Grandma moved in with us when I was 10, and I can still see her on her knees every night saying her prayers. She had so many verses memorized.
    I want to make more time for God like you said. Thank you!


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