Be the Light

We all need a little encouragement each day, and what a better world this would be if everyone received just a word.  We live in a broken and scary world of terrorism, sickness, storms, deaths, child abuse, financial problems, loss of jobs, our religious freedoms being questioned,  and that list just goes on and on depending on the season of life you are in.  As Christians, God calls us to be encouragers.  I am encouraged to think about being a light to someone that just needs to hear from me.  How different would our world be if each one of us encouraged just one other person today.

matthew 5.14, 16

Today I’m participating with Kate Motaung Five Minute Friday and the word is world.


7 thoughts on “Be the Light”

  1. This is so true! If we all just shared our light a little better, showing love and kindness to those we meet through out the day what a better world this would be! Thanks for this reminder! 🙂 (Your neighbor from FMF)


  2. Amen! How true this is today. One word of encouragement can make all the difference in our broken world full of broken people. Blessed you shared this at The Weekend Brew.


  3. Yes. We must be encouragers, day-by-day, when the Lord indicates where to be and who to encourage and who to hear His Word from us. Our world is filled with sinfulness and worshiping other gods. All I can count on is being used by Him. Thanks much!

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