I am blogging through Proverbs 1, and soaking a verse from each chapter with Good Morning Girls.  Let me tell you I am so far behind.  Today my husband is on a trip.  I slept in this morning, got up with my peanut butter toast and milk and now coffee, and trying to watch a few sermons on television and try to catch up.  Yes- I -missed- church- this- morning.  I don’t do that often, but God has really been speaking to me through the sermons I have heard, and in walking through these Proverbs.  I have seen two sermons this morning out of three, and they are talking to ME about love, and just finished another on basic things parents can do to in raising children.  I know mine are grown, but hey there are two grandsons.

Proverbs 17

S – Scripture

The verse that spoke to my heart the most was Proverbs 1:7: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
 but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

O – Observation

The FEAR of the Lord is foundational to true wisdom.  It is a call to action on my part.  I need to daily seek His wisdom in ALL things – my home, my life, my church, my city, my nation, my job.

FEAR – awe, respect, reverance of the Lord

KNOWDEDGE – Understanding, appreciation, comprehension

A wise person fears the Lord and applies His knowledge.

From my Women’s Study Bible, NKJV Nelson – “To be wise in the biblical sense means beginning with a right relationship to God.”

A – Application

I need to be earnestly seeking wisdom.  I am never too old to learn.  I can learn every time I open my Bible.  It’s a call as a wife, parent, grandparent to pray daily so the next generation will know the love and wisdom of the Lord.

K – Kneeling in Prayer

Lord Jesus may I be found faithful in this call to action, and Lord I pray you fill me with wisdom, and may I allow it to govern my life.  As I pray these things for myself, I also pray for my children and grandchildren and future generations to come.  AMEN!

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