Blog - Proverbs 73

Proverbs 6:21 talks about binding God’s words always on our hearts and fastening them around our neck.   In Proverbs 7:3, we are told to bind them on our fingers and write them on the tablet of our heart. In simpler terms, we are to saturate ourselves with the Word.

Isn’t it neat how God says to bind them on our fingers.  Notice how much you use your fingers all day long.  Ever notice how important fingers are?  Even as a baby I watch my new grandson playing with his fingers and putting them in his mouth.  Fingers are a prominent place and if we bind words on them they will be prominent.

So what are some things we can do to remind us of His Words.  I have tied a rubber band around my wrist to remind me to do something, or written a sticky note or sent a reminder on my iphone or in the old days I would call our recorder from work.  These days as I memorize scripture I love how it does sink into my heart.  It comes to life for me.

Do you memorize scripture?  What are some ways that you memorize?  For me I have written verses on a 3×5 card and put them in a little photo album I carry in my purse. I have a cute one a friend made me.   Some of my friends write their verses on mirror and some on their microwave doors.  I personally print them out and put one over my kitchen sink, one in the guest bathroom, and I have another in my kitchen on a big plaque.  You can see some of how I post scriptures around the house here.

So here is my SOAK:

S:  Scripture

Proverbs 7:3 (NIV) Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.

O: Observation

When we memorize scripture and write it on our hearts, it is a tool we can pull out when we are tempted with anything.

A:  Application

I need to spend more time memorizing scripture.

K:  Kneel in Prayer

Father, God thank You for your precious Word.  May I not take it lightly.  Thank You for waking me up each day with a yearning to learn more about You.  In Your name, I pray and give thanks.  AMEN!



  1. Thank you for stating with the verse from Proverbs with the call to bind God’s word on our hearts. Amen. Great reminder for us to stay in His word. Verse memorization has never been something I have worked hard at or done a good job with. I want to get better and have people around me who do such a beautiful job. I do post verses on my bathroom mirror more as a daily reminder. Coming to you from Messy Marriage where I am your neighbor today.


  2. I love this! Posting more scripture around the house and “soaking” in the Word!

    Thanks for sharing such practical and wise words today.

    I came over on SHINE, and I’m glad to find your post.

    Hope you have a blessed day~


  3. May we hide His Word in our heart so that we will not sin against Him! Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Linked up with you at Counting My Blessings — hope you’ll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

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  4. You are so right. When we have the Word implanted, imprinted and founded in our hearts, when times of trouble come, we are not shaken. Maybe a little bit (human as we are), but we stand still. Because we know the Truth and we hold on to It. 🙂

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  5. Our hands and fingers are so important and this is a wonderful analogy. I have heard of people doing the wrist band thing. I haven’t tried memorizing a scripture for a while. Should start doing that. Thanks for the reminder! and thanks for sharing with SYC.

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