31 Days – Day 4 -Autumn – Thankfulness Ideas for Celebrating Autumn


Autumn is a time of the year I love because of all the reflection we see on giving thanks and the season of Jesus’ birth and traditions.  I’m thankful every single day and do not take anything for granted.  Just waking up to a new day is a blessing.  Waking up with a grandson in bed with us or one in his crib in our bedroom is even more of a blessing.

One of the new traditions I started this year was to buy a simple strip of a soft burlap fabric and add it to my Fall decorations.  I have this on our kitchen table and will be asking all those who come to visit to write something they are thankful for.  I know I didn’t do so well on the printing, but hey there is next year and a new strip.

I grew up in a family of traditions I love.  One was we always joined hands around the Thanksgiving table and recited the Lord’s prayer.  I even remember doing that as a 5-year old.  It came from my Dad’s side of the family.  He and my Mom are no longer with us, but when my sisters and our families join together at Thanksgiving or Christmas The Lord’s Prayer is a special part of it.

Dad also used to write poems for the holidays.  One Thanksgiving he wrote a poem and my little cousin and niece were dressed in pilgrim costumes Mom made and recited it.  Another year he wrote one about all the cabbage patch kids they had bought for the grandchildren for Christmas.  Precious memories.

Lastly, we always pause and reflect on some special blessing throughout the year.  I remember the first one right after my middle sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I also remember a poem I wrote for her.  So thankful God cured her.

I want to do this next year. It’s a thankful tree and you can read about it here.  There are all sorts of images on-line but this one was my favorite.

The Thankful Tree

And this is one I will definitely try.  Not sure if I will write the thankful notes or have our guests as they come in write down on sheets I’ve type the words “I am thankful for         .  I love this idea here and here.  One has a yummy sounding honey butter recipe and the other has the pioneer woman’s roll recipe.  A little of both I would say would make a lovely tradition for our home.

I saw another idea I love for Thanksgiving this week where you place paper on your table or tables in our case with lots of family and rather than go around the table asking people what they are thankful for, you have markers there for them to doodle before or during lunch.  It’s called a tablecloth of thanks and found here.  After lunch as you are cleaning up you get to see all that was written.

I found some table talk cards here to spur conversation.

So how about you?  Will you share something you are thankful for this year, or some tradition of yours this time of the year?

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6 thoughts on “31 Days – Day 4 -Autumn – Thankfulness Ideas for Celebrating Autumn”

  1. What wonderful ideas for encouraging your families and the others that visit you to be thankful! I have no doubt you’ll treasure the ribbons from each year. So appreciate your sharing my fall table talk cards! Thank you!


  2. i LOVE the fall. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday since it is usually the one holiday that if the family can get together they will. Love traditions!


  3. Oh, I like the idea of a Thankful Tree! I may have to use this one myself!

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful Thanksgiving ideas. I found your post today on Waiting on Wednesday.

    Hope you have a blessed day today~


  4. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! It sets a tone of thankfulness. I love your idea of a thankful tree! I will be doing this! Pinning for sure! Thank you for sharing! Visiting from UNITE


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