31 Days – Day 5 – Autumn Throw Open The Windows and Do Some Fall Cleaning

throw open the windows

Yes it’s fall    The dog days of Texas heat are over.  Fall is in the air, and I love throwing open the windows and hearing birds sing and the busses drive by.  I love the cooler temperatures after our 100 degree summer days.  This morning it is ???? and my windows are open.

While the windows are open today, I am using this day at home to do some fall cleaning and clean out those window sills and maybe a closet.  I love fall cleaning even more than spring cleaning because of all the upcoming holidays, and it’s the time of the year that most of us spend more days inside.   A little fall cleaning goes a long way this time of the year.

There are all sorts of fall cleaning schedules on-line, but for me, I just take a project at a time, and if I have to I break it down into tasks covering several days and sometimes weeks that’s what I do.  We are all busy.  I substitute teach, am a team leader for on-line Bible studies, attend church functions, and keep two grandsons.  I’m retired, but my life today is busier than it was when I worked or it seems to be so breaking cleaning down into small steps works for me.  This week I worked on fall decorating and cleaning out one closet where all sorts of stuff was stored under the stairs.  I have a mess in one of our upstairs bedrooms where I took more decorations out of the attic so that’s the big project this week.


As we were walking out of church yesterday and the north wind was blowing, my husband said I am so glad we have winter and summer so that we can enjoy this weather.  Isn’t that the truth? It was the perfect day and we came home and spent some time relaxing, and then worked outside on some outside things that needed attention in preparation of the cold winter everyone is predicting like running a snake thru our vents, mulching leaves and putting up patio furniture.  We did all of that in an hour and now I’m washing clothes, writing, and watering outside because it hasn’t rained in over a month.

Three weeks ago I cleaned the carpet myself in one of our dens.  With two grandsons it gets a little dirty or actually with one who is two.  The other one is crawling and pulling up though so he needed some clean carpet to crawl on and I wanted to clean it so I knew what was on it.  While we were doing that, my husband pulled all the indirect lighting covers down and vacumned up there and I was the covers and we cleaned out the downstairs bookcases and donated some books.

I love getting into fall, and thankful that we are still able to do everything around our home.

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