31 Days – Day 6 – Autumn Candles


A couple of years ago I read Courtney Joseph’s candle idea of placing a candle in your kitchen.  She says, “Purchase an extra-large candle and light it every day in your home. I start mine in the morning, but you can start yours at dinnertime. Do what makes sense for your family. I often have a candle burning in my kitchen, the main hub of my home. Each time the candle catches my eye, I say a prayer for peace in my home.”

This week I got out my candles.  I have several in the kitchen and some in the bathrooms, and love lighting them all.  What a mood they set!  Who doesn’t love the warm glow and the yummy smells of seasonal candles?  I love these dark Fall mornings and the beginning of early evenings.  I love candles, but usually don’t burn them except in the Fall and during the holidays.  It’s just a cozy feeling to walk in the kitchen or the bathroom and see them burning, glimmering, reminding me to pray for my home, family, friends, and the World.  They remind me to be a light and to stop and pause and pray throughout the morning and evening.

As I light the candles in the morning right after that first cup of coffee, it just reminds me before I enter into my prayer and Bible study time to set my eyes on Him and to pray for all that is going to happen in my home and life that day.    As I blow them out before bedtime I’m reminded of the precious day He has given me, and thank Him for ALL He has done for me and my family.  It is a time to reflect on whose I am and who He is

That flickering candle – a prompt to pray for my home, my family, my friends.  As I walk in the room and breathe in that fragrance, and see that flicker I breathe out a prayer.  Courtney reminds us to pray for peace in our home, but I want to be reminded to thank Him for any and every blessing throughout the day – each time the phone rings, each time I hear from someone in my on-line Bible study, each time I click on an email, when the postman drives by, when the trash men drive by, when the FEDEX man drops off a package, etc..  I walk by that candle and pray about something or someone each time.

What better way to wind down a busy day than to walk into the kitchen and see a candle burning! Your children will love it, and I bet your husband will too.  My 2-year old grandson loves it when he walks in.

I’m reminded when I walk in the kitchen to cook a meal to thank God for the means.  When I am cleaning up the dirty dishes, I thank Him for family that has dirtied them.  Thank Him for being healthy and able to cook and clean those dishes.

My candles are burning, how about yours?

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4 thoughts on “31 Days – Day 6 – Autumn Candles”

  1. Love the burn candles. But I have friends that candles bother their allergies. Then I learned that 100% bees wax candles actually clear the air. It’s uncanny, but it works. my family can be sneezing over and over. I light a candle and we’ll don’t have another sneeze

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    1. GiGi thanks for sharing that. I’ve never heard that and I think I’m allergic to some of the scentsy candles. I’ve noticed I start sneezing and get stuffed up when I’m burning them, but the candles aren’t bothering me. I’m going to check out the beeswax.

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  2. I think this is a great idea having a candle in the kitchen. The kitchen is usually your first room to visit and to light a candle would start your day in a peaceful and tranquil way. Thank you for sharing your idea and post with us at #WednesdaysWisdom.


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