#31 Days – Day 7 – Autumn October Think Pink – Cancer Month

pumpkin breast cancer

Photo Credit – Delores Morales

I really do not like that word cancer. The horror not only the patient feels, but also their family and friends.   I have watched my mother-in-law, one of my sisters, one of my nieces and a dear friend, Genoa walk through breast cancer, and so, so many other family members who have died with all sorts of cancers.  It is a horrible disease and hopefully someday there will be a cure.

According to the American Cancer Society there will be more than 231,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed during 2015. The journey is tough and there is terror and pain from the moment your loved ones hear that devastating word, and then the terror of those treatments.  I drove my sister to her first radiation treatment.  I watcher for months as she had those awful burns.  My daughter and I went to my nieces and took her to one of her chemo treatments.  It was our first time in one of those centers.  Thank you doctors and treatments for saving their lives. Live is to be savored, and cancer patients should not have to walk those dreaded journeys alone.

It’s Fall and as we watch the beautiful colors change from green to beautiful oranges and reds, we also see those beautiful pink colors as we scroll through our Facebook pages.  I know some cancer patients get sick of all the pink, but for me it’s a reminder of what God did for my sister, my niece and my friend.

My sister, who survived breast cancer has been creating all sorts of pink pumpkins.  The picture above is one she created and she sells them and donates 100 per cent of her profit to the cancer agency who took care of her.  Is that not cute?  I’ve watched her the last few years after her treatments and how she has sewed and made things for new ladies being diagnosed like little pillows that help with the pain.

Cancer is a wake-up call.  It’s a call about how precious life is.  It’s a call to remind us how important family and friends are.

Have you been for your mammogram, your pap smear?  Have you done your monthly self-breast exams?   No matter what you need to make time.

None of us are immune to illness, but all of us can, with time, make comebacks.  I watched my sister and my niece and friend come back STRONG, I watched them FIGHT, I am watching them minister  and care for others who follow in their steps.  Scars on the outside, love on the inside.  Life gave them lemons, but they made lemonade.

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I thought I would honor those women and men too that have walked through it and found a cure.  I would love for you to post a comment below that you are cured, or are currently walking through this valley, or someone you love share their name.

My sister – Delores

My niece – Monica

My friend – Genoa

My mother-in-law – Virginia

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5 thoughts on “#31 Days – Day 7 – Autumn October Think Pink – Cancer Month”

  1. My sweet Mama…it’s been 5-1/2 years since she went to Heaven. She fought it hard but never complained. She kept telling us that God had given her a “peace” about it all. Peace…it’s a beautiful comforting word and oh so much more…


  2. My dear friend, Sonya is in her 2nd year of remission from breast cancer. She, like you is a pastor’s wife. Also another friend, Teri who is still in the surgical stage of breast cancer.


  3. Powerful post, my friend. It is interesting to me how October seems to be “the month” of hard stuff- Cancer month, infant/child loss month etc. (I relate more to the latter.) But grateful that God walks through us in all of it! Thanks for sharing this today.


  4. I have a friend who had a mass removed from her stomach last month. She is now dealing with the extremely high costs of a medicine that she will be on for the next three months. Thanks for this reminder and for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.


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