#31 Days – Day 8 – Autumn Candies


There are all kinds of autumn candies out there, but my favorite is one that one of my friends at worked shared with me many years ago.  I buy a bag of candy corn and I add peanuts.  Let me tell you if you love Pay Day candy bars you are going to love this mix.

When I bought my candy corn I found this jewel beside it.IMG_3785[1]

 It’s pretty tasty but totally different than candy corn.  I added some unsalted almonds to a bowl of it and it’s pretty good but not like the candy corn.


So how about you?  What is your favorite autumn/fall candy?

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8 thoughts on “#31 Days – Day 8 – Autumn Candies”

  1. Looks as if you are starting a gratitude journal on your blog! My #1 favorite thing about fall is the coziness of candles in the pre-dawn, autumn colored table cloth to mirror the colors of the leaves outside my window, the squash and pumpkins coming in from the garden — whoops, that was more than one. Can you tell that fall is my favorite season?

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  2. My husband loves to mix candy corn and peanuts. I am not much of a candy corn fan, but the salted chocolate looks delish and mixed with almonds…. yum!! I don’t think I have a favorite fall candy. I have been making my own chocolate with coconut oil that is pretty yummy. 😉


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  3. This might not qualify as a candy but it is a sweet treat – and that is pumpkin covered pretzels from Costco (I have no link to Costco but if they felt inclined they could pay me in these LOL !!!) They are divine and our family always stocks up (uhhh but sometimes they don’t last very long !!) A must try.


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