This Autumn with the record-breaking temperatures in Texas and the winds out of the right direction to catch fish our son and daughter-in-love took us to Galveston.  We had a great time and this cold natured Texas girl actually left the sweat shirt in the truck and wore shorts and short sleeves.

On the drive down Thursday night a spring broke on the trailer on the interstate and our son had a hard time getting us off the road in the grass.  We could not make it to exit off the road and were outside Houston in 3-lane traffic.  Scary BUT God stopped us right in front of an emergency sign to call for help.  I called, they pinged my phone,  but they did not show. The guys got the hidden jack out from under the seat which took the longest.  We gave the grandson a tablet to watch “Wheels on the Bus” to entertain him because he wanted out.  It was dark, the traffic was going 75 mph, and we were wishing for a policeman to show up and put his blinkers behind us.    How awesome to be married to a man and have a son that can fix things.

We were praising God that the spring broke right before we got into heavy Houston traffic, by the emergency call sign (isn’t that just like God if something bad happens, He provides) and I just happened to bring my tablet and my laptop so the grandson had something to play with and we were able to pull over in the grass off the highway, and I don’t believe it was coincidence that our son just happened to have a spare spring in his pickup.  THANKFUL!

Soooo we did make it to Galveston and stayed in a nice Hampton Inn that is designed with a big, big parking lot to park the boat.  Off we went the next morning and we caught black, red, and our son got a bonnet shark and a stingray. Eeeeek.  It was scary and most of it we threw back in the ocean for them to live and someone else to enjoy catching someday.  Hopefully, they will multiply and bring years of joy to others.

So what am I thankful for today (the list could go on for hours, but this from the weekend):

us collage

 A husband who loves me enough that he wants me on fishing trips and hunting trips with him.  Do I love hunting and fishing?  Not necessarily, but I love, love, love being with family.  I fish some, but don’t hunt but I can take a book I have been longing to read and enjoy that and be present and taking an interest in what my husband does.

mixer galveston.

A son who is following His dreams – dreams that God gifted him with and wired in for, a daughter-in-law who loves him and Christ, and this little grandson who is 2.

  A grandson who was born with a horrible disease, and watching how God has healed when there is no possibility of getting better.  Watching him fish, watching him walk on the beach and play in the ocean, and coming home and laughing last night with my husband over the joy of watching him.  Things I don’t want to forget (because we do) that he did this weekend.  He has a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy we bought him.  The funniest thing he did was pick up a tortilla chip at lunch and put the tiniest bit of hot sauce on it and that was for Mickey.  Later Mickey was found looking out the window of the truck, and later he was at the reel of the rod to catch a fish, but we laughed about that tortilla last night over and over in bed.

 Blog - Psalm 1133

Watching the sunrise FAST on the way to the dock.  It’s amazing how fast it was rising at the ocean.

ocean rocks collage

 Seeing things we don’t often see like the fish we caught, the ocean birds, ships, and those waves rolling in and also splashing on the rocks.

 That God kept us safe through that trailer break.  It could have been tragic at that speed and in the dark.

 Making memories with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

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  1. Loved your description of your trip to Galveston. We live in Houston, and I enjoy Galveston. This has been a stay at home summer for us – we haven’t even had a day trip to Galveston, so your photos brought back lots of pleasant memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you got there safely and could enjoy the next morning with family. God is good. Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More!


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