#write31days – DAY 21- TIME TO BUY A PLANNER FOR 2016

Have you gone to bed at night and laid awake thinking about your to-do list for the next day?  I have, but I found that if I plan and have it all written down that I actually go to bed now and don’t worry about it anymore.  It’s true.  I go to sleep.  I lay there and pray and then I end it with Lord bless and name my husband and then my son, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my son-in-law, my grandsons by name and my mother-in-law.  I breathe between each name.  I have slept for weeks now since I started this planner and the breathing.  Try it!

I love planners, and I’ve tried a bunch over the years during my long career with lots of meetings and getting children to school functions and church functions.  I’ve used computer calendars and phone calendars, but they just don’t work for me.  I like one I can carry with me and flip it open and with all the hacks these days who knows who might hack into my computer or phone and know where I am at any given moment.  Yes, I experienced identity theft this year and it changes your perspective.  I have been seeing the Sue Hooley Daily Planner for several years now and decided I wanted to try it.  I got the 2015 planner along with the 2016 planner and so glad I did.

It is beautiful, it is so easy to use and has so many extras to help me keep organized and plan my days.  Without it I would be lost with our busy schedule.  I’m retired believe it or not, but keep two grandsons on different days, I substitute teach, I am a team leader for the World’s largest on-line Bible study, and am involved in a local church.  We still do lots of things with the kids.  They are grown but we have a lot of fun still with them as adults.  It gets chaotic sometimes with the phone ringing for me to sub and with the girls calling for me to sit.  I have been known to double commit because I failed to go look at my planner.  I keep it and also a wall calendar in my kitchen close to the phone.  I found my wall calendar can’t do what my planner can do – it doesn’t travel with me to school or church where I need it most.

The Daily Planner is divided sections, but before the sections Sue has a few pages “From the Pen of Sue” that I loved where she talks about the benefits of meal planning.  Do you meal plan?  I try and am working on being more faithful.  This planner has helped me tremendously in that area as well as shopping and using up all that stuff we have had in the freezer for too long.  She also provides a page on how the planner is divided and how to use each section.  So here are the sections:

  • Yearly Calendar for present and coming year
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Planning with to-do task lists and a menu area for each day
  • Tasks List
  • Projects and Events (I use this to break down my projects into tasks and then transfer the tasks that are burning in my mind and to-do list to my weekly layout each week, and if an emergency arises or just some fun family/friend event comes up unexpectedly I just move it to the next week)
  • Information for names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Shopping List (love this too instead of all those scraps of paper or having to grab the phone and put in my password and find the list)  The 2016 planner has pages that are perforated.  How cool is that?  And on the title page, she has a list of store phone numbers you can keep handy or phone numbers to order pizza, etc..

The 2016 Daily Planner is very similar in look to the 2015 version, and almost the same except for a few minor changes, but let’s talk about the 2016 planner:

  •  I love Sue’s covers.  They are laminated.   The 2016 cover has a scale, jars and clay pots with herbs.
  •  Bible Verses.   The 2016 cover has “Hebrews 13:8 – “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and  forever..
  • Quotes and promises at the beginning of each section.  Love, love, love..

The back of the books has pockets.  I love them.  I have been using them to put in my coupons for shopping, checks to deposit, my menus, etc.  Those pockets are great this time of the year for Christmas shopping coupons that I have never been able to keep up with no matter how I plan.

You can read all about Sue’s planner and purchase it here or through Amazon.

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16 thoughts on “#write31days – DAY 21- TIME TO BUY A PLANNER FOR 2016”

  1. This looks nice. My husband has been trying to get me to go digital. It just doesn’t work as well for me. I may go back to pen and paper


  2. Ha, was just thinking this morning if it was “too early” to buy a 2016 planner. Apparently not! Thanks for sharing this, Debbie– I look forward to planner shopping soon 🙂


  3. Hi! I’m stopping by from Small Victories Sunday Linkup! I also love to use planners…..the real ones you can hold in your hand. I’ve tried digital and things always get deleted! Thanks for sharing about this planner.


  4. I do think planners are fabulous, but for some uncanny reason I have never used one. I am a planner, but do it all mentally. In fact one day my dil called me and said that she had a bet with my son that I had to be a list maker. He had said that I didn’t make lists. He was right. I rarely make a to do list, but I have a big one going on in my head. lol! Different things work for each individual. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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