Today I am joining Kate Matoung in Five-Minute Friday and the word is Joy.

thanksful heart

Oh how I remember that song I sung when I was five and later teaching it to pre-schoolers at church – “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart – down in my heart to stay.”  What would our World be like if we adults could feel that no matter what we are going through that joy is here to stay.  You know we can, don’t you?

“The secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt he is.”  Ann Voskamp

As I walk through every single day of my life I realize no matter what is happening there is always, always something to be joyous about – always something I can find to be thankful about.  I have learned that secret Ann is talking about and that is always seeking God when doubt creeps in.  It does you know.  Satan finds our weakest points and throws those darts right where it hurts.

I’ve learned even when walking through horrible tragedies that I can find something to thank God for.  If we don’t how in the World could we live from day to day.  We’ve gone through tragedies in our family – too many to list.  I remember the day Mom died unexpectedly and the nursing home calling me and saying Mrs. Williams there has been a change in your Mom’s condition and I knew – I knew and my husband knew as we drove to the nursing home that day.  How did I find any joy that day.  I found joy when my husband looked over as I was bawling and he said, “this Valentine’s Day Mom will be spending it with your Dad.”  It was only five days until Valentine’s Day – one I didn’t celebrate as Valentine’s Day, but one I was celebrating because Mom was no longer suffering and she was with Dad who she had never been able to move on without after he died.  Do I miss her?   You bet.  Right now there are even a few tears rolling down my cheeks, but I have the joy of having a Mom who loved me.  I have the joy of being retired before I lost her and spending hours with her at the nursing home for over a year after I retired.  I have joy knowing she is not suffering with congestive heart failure, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis and the loss of a leg due to a infection she got during a surgery.

Even when we are walking through horrible tragedies  we can find something.  The day one of our grandsons was born he had a horrible disease, but we were able to thank God for answering prayers as we drove to the Children’s Hospital to be with him and our son.  Thankful that they had a doctor who knew what it was and was able to diagnose it.  Thankful for family, friends and churches that gather with us in prayer.  Today we can be joyous as we laugh and watch him run for his PaPa and squeal his PaPa’s name, and giggle as we heard him call his dad the other night by his first name.

I want to be joyous every day.  I want to celebrate the little things and give them the attention they deserve.  Things like my 9-month old grandson crawling and saying DaDa, and my 2 year old grandson shouting across a pond while his Pa Pa is hunting.  Yep, he was shouting PaPa while PaPa was hunting birds.   All of it joyous knowing how precious babies are especially after you have been through seasons of miscarriage, infertility, and watching that 2-year old suffer at birth with a rare disease.

I’m joyous today.  I’m the happiest girl in the World knowing that Christ died for me and that He loves me unconditionally. He has blessed me far more than I deserve.  I have a loving family, good health, a beautiful home, food on the table, friends, church and I woke up this morning.  If you aren’t joyous today ponder on it.




  1. Amen! We can always find something to be thankful for! I wish I’d known more about our Loving Father growing up – what a comfort the scriptures – and His promises – would’ve been. I’m grateful I can share this joy with my children so no matter their trials in life, they can seek His face and feel joy and hope!


    1. Thanks Carrie. I tried to visit letheartsbloom.com but the link says it has expired. Like you, I didn’t get to grow up knowing so much about my Father, but you know what God’s timing is perfect and I believe that’s why I love Him so much now and can’t get enough of writing and studying His Word.


  2. Yes, we can be joyful! Even in the midst of hard things. Those tragedies make me more desperate to find the joy moments, the glimpses of God’s goodness and hold onto them. And thankful hearts grow out of constantly seeing small joys.


  3. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to forget our joy in the midst of our daily routine and challenging circumstances, but when Jesus is our joy we can find reason to smile.


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