#write31 Days – DAY 23 – AUTUMN SOUPS


I always love our first pot of soup.  This year Autumn has been slow in coming and so has the soup.  But today it is a bit cooler (still in the 70s) and it has been raining all day, so I came home from school and put on one of my favorites which I just call Hamburger Soup.  My mother-in-law always made this and we just put all sorts of things in.  It’s never the same.  It sure was good a pan of cornbread, and then my husband made some homemade ice cream with my grandson who is over to visit this evening.  That’s probably the last freezer of the year and he made banana/strawberry.  It was really good, but now I’m cold.

Here is how I make the hamburger soup.  I take a pound of lean hamburger meat and brown it.  I put that in a big soup pot and add about a cup each of  diced, cubed potatoes, chopped onion, frozen or fresh green beans, frozen pinto beans, a can of tomatoes,  frozen corn, frozen blackeyed peas, frozen green peas, fresh chopped carrots and a can of tomato sauce and lots of water.  Sometimes I add frozen okra (I love, hubby does not) and sometimes black beans.  Tonight I added some small gluten-free rigatoni for our grandson.  He loved it.  Let it cook a couple of hours and serve with cornbread.  It is so good on a cold day and so easy.

I wanted to add a few more recipes here that I plan to try this season.

Pasta Fagoli

Crockpot Mistake

Potato Soup

This year I am working on preparing double batches of soup and casseroles and am going to try to freeze them for quick lunches and dinners when the grandsons are here and I don’t have time to cook, or to use on a lazy Sunday evening after church.  Any comments or suggestions on freezing I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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