joy countdown

It’s the last day of October, the last day of #write31days and I have to admit it has been hard blogging every single day this month.

You know what the last day of October means.  It means Thanksgiving is only four weeks away and Christmas is eight weeks.  WOW!  Where did this year go?

Tonight is Halloween and yes our porch light will be on and our door open to pass out candy and some cutesy little coloring pages with pumpkins on them and a Bible verse telling the Jesus loves them and He is the light of the World. I have done similar things previous years but usually cards and may print some of those in a bit. I did this last year and wrote about it here.  It’s a hard decision to make as a Christian, and for me it’s a time to meet my neighbors and it’s a time to share God with someone who may never hear about Him.  Our grandsons will be over – one will be wearing a little leopard costume my Mom made 34 years ago for my son.  Neither will be dressed in evil costumes.  The years I have carved a pumpkin it has had a cross lit up in it when people arrive.  Granted in my neighborhood the treaters are few because we are out in the country.

And you know what else is about to happen today?  The Hallmark channel is starting their Christmas movies.  The DVR is on and ready to record and I’ll be watching movies for weeks after Christmas since my hubby doesn’t love them like I do.

And tonight we set our clocks back.  Now that’s one thing I don’t look forward to.


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