Five Minute Friday

DANCE – #Five Minute Friday

When that word dance popped up for the writing topic today on Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday, I had no idea what I was going to write about, but then I started reading over some of the other bloggers posts, and an idea or two popped in my head so here goes my five minute write.  GO!

I did not grow up dancing.  I went to the Jr./Sr. prom with my high-school sweetheart (now my husband of 46 years) and we danced a couple of slow dances.  I try to get him to dance sometimes, but he won’t unless our grandson is here and he can’t resist.

As Southern Baptists we did not grow up dancing in church, and today we go to the conservative service because the other one just is not worshipful to us “old” people.   I do find myself though worshiping in tears, in my thoughts, in prayers and yes sometimes this girl has chill bumps and raises one hand to the Lord during church service.  I have found myself worshiping in the car with music and raising my hand.  Sometimes I throw open my window blinds in the morning in my kitchen and raise my hand or hands praising Him while I pray.

I am learning to dance these days.  Yea you do that with a grandson who loves Mickey Mouse and that hot-diggity dog song. He comes over and we play an episode on that DVR, and the song comes on, and he is pulling his PaPa and me by the hand to dance with him every single time and we do it, and it’s FUN.

Our oldest grandson (2 yrs) loves Mickey Mouse and Mickey goes with us.  Recently we went to the coast and Mickey fished with us, Mickey got a chip dipped in hot sauce and he was looking out the truck window at the boat being pulled behind us and looking at barns and cows on the way.



He adores Mickey.  He and his PaPa drew Mickey in the sand.

Isn’t that how our Father in Heaven is pulling us to worship to dance with Him?  It is about intimacy with Him in whatever form all day long in all we are doing.  It is getting to know Him and letting Him take us by the hand just like that little one and leading us to worship and adore Him.

11 thoughts on “DANCE – #Five Minute Friday”

  1. I don’t dance either! Unless the kids convince me to join them on the Wii to a party dance game…But perhaps I should change this and let my hair down (so to speak 😉 and simply dance!


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