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Sunday was the first day of Advent.  Christmas is almost here.  It’s time to prepare  and decorate our homes for company,  address Christmas cards, wrap presents and dig out those treasured recipes.

Advent means the coming of or arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the greatest gift we have ever received.

Sunday evening as I lit that first candle in expectancy of this beautiful time of the year,  my thoughts went to how I want a slower, less hurried, stress-free, more worshipful, more holy Christmas.  You ask how do we do that.  For me it’s been a whole change of attitude.  It’s a change as I go to town to buy gifts or groceries, and not get upset by lines and crowds, and rude people in the aisles.  It’s a less hurried, worshipful attitude as I bring down decorations and reflect Him in each ornament or piece of tinsel I handle.

As I prepare my home this year, as always I begin to prepare my heart, turning it inward, I want more this year.  I want more of Him, less of me.  I want His illuminating light to fill my heart and my families hearts and my home.  I want this year to be one we remember like never before.  One that will be savored long after I am gone.  I want my life to create an atmosphere of joy and serenity.  I want those who enter my home or I come in contact with not only this season but every single day to feel special.

Hope is God doing what He says He will do.  Hope is believing He will do what He says He will do, and believing His promises.  He is the reason we have hope.  He is the reason for this Christmas season.  He is the reason I want to get out of bed each day.  He IS!

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24 thoughts on “ADVENT – WEEK 1 – CANDLE OF HOPE”

  1. Hi Debbie,
    This is lovely. We would all enjoy the holidays more if we slowed down and thought about His coming and what He did for us. He is the Reason for the season and He is our Blessed Hope! Thank you for sharing.


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  2. My dear friend, what a beautiful post to remind us to slow down and ponder all that we have to celebrate this time of year. The birth of our Savior….what a gift to mankind! Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!


  3. Yes, Amen…me too. I can’t believe it’s advent season already. Thanks for this sweet reminder of the hope that this season expresses. ((blessings))


  4. Our advent candles are one of my favorite things about our celebration, and I can remember when my boys were all small explaining to them as we decorated that we were preparing our home as a reminder of the fact that we prepare our hearts. Thanks for your lovely words.

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    1. Thanks June. Your comment was hidden in moderation. I found a bunch last week and trying to respond to all of them and visit all of you.


  5. With all the evil in this world, your post was a fresh-air reminder of God’s truth. Like you, I will try to worship throughout every activity of this season.


  6. I too want to slow down and savor every single day through Advent. It is the anticipation that I’ve grown to love, the anticipation to celebrate at our Christmas Eve service, to sing for His coming. Thank you for sharing!


  7. Hi Debbie! This is your Linkup neighbor! I enjoyed visiting and hearing again about the meaning of the first Advent candle. Focusing on hope when the news has been dismal is exactly where we need to be as we remember who our hope is in and why He came to give it to us.


  8. Love what you wrote – “Hope is God doing what He says He will do. Hope is believing He will do what He says He will do, and believing His promises.” Without hope, especially a hope in God’s promises and trusting in His Word, I am sure we would all be totally lost!! Thanks for sharing!


  9. He is what I count on day-by-day, and forever and ever. His HOPE is all I can truly count on. AND according to my brain and body, I’ll be in Heaven in the not-distant future and to see Him and so many thousands that are in my brain and heart, that’s all I can count on. Thank you!


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