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This Christmas season I will not be shaken, nor today.  His joy will be in me.  Joy is probably my most favorite word.

I will not be shaken because God is in control.  He is at my right hand. WOW!  Do these verses give you chill bumps?

I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.  Psalm 16:8 (NIV)

Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.  Psalm 62:2 (NIV)

What does shaken mean? says “rattled, upset, overcome, flustered……”. Well, I have definitely been all that, but God continues to do a work in me the longer I know Him, and the more I stay in His Word.

This Christmas season I will not be shaken.  We women get so caught up in the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking the decorating, the wrapping, the parties and on an on.  I have pledged I am not going to be shaken this Christmas.

I will not be shaken because I am taking it slow and easy, and I am doing what is important in the Kingdom.  I am staying in my Bible studies.  I am taking care of grandsons who are much more important than having the tree up.  And, no it is not up.  On a normal year the decorating starts the day after Thanksgiving but we were out of town so I got a late start.  On a normal year, I would be shaken.

I will not be shaken if the house is not quiet clean enough, not organized enough, not the biggest house in town because it is not my house.  It is the house that God blessed me with.  It’s the load that He’s given me because He knows what I can handle.  This one is hard enough to keep clean.

I will not be shaken when the phone rings and my to-do list is totally changed for the day or week.  I realize my to-do list is not necessarily His to-do list.

I will not be shaken when the calendar is full.  Oh how blessed we are that we have a life where our calendars are full of love and we have the health to do all there is to do.  I am blessed I “can do” all those things.

I will not be shaken when someone rides my bumper or nearly runs me off the road.  You bet I would have sometime back, but today I pray for them.  I pray they will find God in their hearts and thank Him that I am able to pray for them because of them crossing my path.

I will not be shaken at solicitors.  Oh they have upset me and honestly more than so many things.  I can’t wait to answer the phone right now and say no, thank you and I wish you a Merry Christmas or God bless you after Christmas.

No, this Christmas I will not be shaken because He is at my right hand and His joy fills me up.

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  1. Love this! So easy to get shaken this time of year, caught up in all the frenzy of the holidays and exceptions of creating the perfect Christmas for ourselves and our families. Love your encouragement to slow down and stay rooted in Christ.

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  2. I love this Debbie. I too will not be shaken this year. Christmas is for celebrating Christ, now worrying about a to do list as you pointed out. Hugs, Susan

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  3. What great advice! I almost let myself get ‘shaken’ earlier this week when I had to sell my husband’s truck for him–it took up every spare minute of my already full Monday. But I, like you, chose not to let it shake me up and get my knickers in a knot. I’ll keep looking for opportunities to intentionally change my attitude this month–what a great reminder!


  4. Wow! That is great encouragement and I admire your resolve to not be shaken. I was feeling a little shaken because I haven’t started any Christmas preparations but now I know to concentrate and find joy in the important things – having my three children back from college for Christmas, making a phone call to a friend or family member, and enjoying the birth of our Savior.


  5. Great points! It is so easy to be shaken from the perceived expectations of the holiday, but the most important part has already been taken of, and we are invite to sit in the Glory of that.




  6. Enjoyed reading your post. I love the scripture about not being shaken. Life will continually shake around us, but inwardly we are not shaken because of our anchor in Jesus. Visiting you today from #RaRalinkup with Kellie.


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