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Books I Read In 2015


If you are like me you have books all over the house.  Yes, I bought up books before I retired and have them downstairs and upstairs, and I need to get rid of some of them to clear out the clutter.

Last year I vowed to read a book a week – 52 books in 2015.  Yes that was a picture I used last year and books I chose to read.  Sounded easy, but well life and grand children, family, friends, subbing and a whole lot of fun things got in the way and it was an awesome year.

I was able to accomplish reading some books I highly recommend and that have caused my Christian walk to grow.  So here goes what I can remember (there were a couple of fiction but I didn’t write them down and I gave them away to friends).

Some of my favorites were through on-line Bible studies with Proverbs 31. 

Keep It Shut

Keep It Shut will teach you when to keep your mouth shut and when to say nothing at all.  This books was so much fun and well I learned a lot about zipping my lips.

What Happens When Women Walk in Faith: Trusting God Takes You to Amazing Places

Walk In Faith is filled with scripture and stories on  daily walking in faith and following our God-given dreams.  An awesome book, but all of Lysa’s books are awesome.

tamingtodolistTaming The To-Do List is a great book on how to overcome procrastination, and how to get to the root of the problem Biblically.


Unglued talks about the various ways we become unglued, and God’s direction in overcoming those moments.  It will change how you react to others.  This was my second time to read it, and my second Bible study doing it.  I thought what can I learn?  Well, you should see my book.  I highlighted so many things I missed last study.

We did the Battle Plan for Prayer at church after seeing the War Room movie.  I highly recommend it.  We had videos each week at church to go along with the study.  It will change your prayer life.


I read through the book of Proverbs with Good Morning Girls and blogged about that as I went, but have not as yet finished the last few blogs even those I did all of the chapters and used the SOAK method for a verse from each chapter.  Here is what I have blogged so far.

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I also do a daily devotion with Proverbs 31 through their app.  It’s awesome and I highly recommend it – First 5 App – download it to your phone and you have a 5-minute devotion each morning.  They have small study books available to go along.  Here are the ones we have completed this past year and another is about to start if you want to jump in.

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Dance With Jesus  From Grief to Grace – by Susan B. Mead – I met Susan this summer at a conference.  I had been reading her blog.  This is a precious story about the loss of her son.  I read the book and then gave it to my sister-in-law who has lost two sons.

Your Life Still Counts by Traci Miles – God still has a plan for us regardless of our past.

Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones – A great tool I read because I am a team leader.  Lots of good stuff.  You’ll love it.

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Until I Found You by Victoria Bylin – A heart-warming love story.  Loved it.

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What You Wish For – Fern Michaels – A book about love but also spousal abuse.  It will keep you in suspense.  Loved it.


I also started reading through the Bible with Wendy Pope last year. It was awesome, and no I didn’t finish, but I am starting over again this years with high hopes of finishing strong.  If you are looking for a method to read through the word check it out.  It is so much more than reading through the Bible.

I know there were a few more fiction books I read.  I just don’t remember what they were and I gave them to friends at school, so this year I am keeping tabs and hoping I’ll get to read even more, but hey if someone calls and wants to have fun …………

Joining Kate Motaung this first day of 2016 sharing what we read last year.


12 thoughts on “Books I Read In 2015”

  1. Debbie, thank you so much for sharing this great list. I love to read and saw several books on your list that I’d like to dig into. Happy New Year and GOD bless you, beautiful friend! 🙂


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