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Current and Future Goals and Dreams


Here are some of my dreams and goals for this year that are in line with my one word for the year – Savor.  You can read about my one word here.

1  Spend more time with my Lord in prayer and Bible study.

2  Savor the marital moments we have together.

3  Spend more time with our two children and their spouses.

4  Make fond memories with the two grandsons.

5.  Serve more at church.

6.  Find more time to write.

7.  Enjoy walking and exercise more.

8.  Savor the coffee moments.

Joining 52 Lists for this week 4.


10 thoughts on “Current and Future Goals and Dreams”

    1. Thank you and sorry I am just seeing this post. I am going back to the first of the year and trying to comment where I failed or had not approved so they weren’t showing up here. I love 52 lists.


    1. Thank you Brittney. So sorry I am finding some comments I never responded to on my blog. Enjoying your 52 lists.


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