If We Were Having Coffee

  If we were having coffee. we would be sitting out on my patio.  I am in Texas and it was in the low seventies today.  The sun was shining and it was like a beautiful Spring day. If we were having coffee. we would be talking about my two grandsons who are ages one… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee

Five Minute Friday, Inspiration


Good morning or should I say GREAT morning.  I'm joining Kate Matoung this morning to write for only five minutes on the word - morning. He makes an ordinary good morning and extra-ordinary great morning.  I love sitting here doing my Bible studies and writing in the early morning  after my husband leaves for work.  Not… Continue reading GOOD MORNING

Suzanne Eller Live-Free Thursday

Our Scars Are Beautiful

Scars can be horrible, scars can be beautiful. Somehow God brought me through my teenage years with no scars.  My scars all began in my late twenties - ugly scars, happy scars and sad scars. My first big ugly scar was in my late twenties - a trampoline scar.  To this day I can't stand… Continue reading Our Scars Are Beautiful