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Joining Kate Motaung today in Five-Minute Friday and the word is Focus.

Proverbs 425

Do you ever find yourself driving and clutching the steering wheel with both hands, your eyes straight ahead not looking to the left or right when it is pouring down rain, icy, or you find yourself on a winding road?

Proverbs tells us we are to be like that all the time.  Ouch!  I get distracted sometimes. How about you?  Ever gone to another room to get something or put something away, and the first thing you know you are doing three or four things and lost your focus?  I do that probably everyday.  I will get on the computer to post in some of my on-line Bible study groups or to blog, and a message pops up on the screen and thirty minutes later I have gotten involved in surfing or looking at something pretty to buy.

Blog Psalm 625-6

There are times when we let our fears take our focus off Him?  We get sidetracked on earthly things.  Can we just focus on this moment – focus on today – not what is going to happen tomorrow, next month or next year, but right now – this moment?  Let’s just pour our hearts out in prayer  knowing His ways are better than our ways or our worries and thoughts?

I am reminded of Romans 12:12 to “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”.  Jesus spent His time on Earth always looking ahead to His Father. He was the perfecter of faith and He is our role model.  He never varied, always looking at the task ahead.

I am daily reminded that my focus is on what really matters and that is God, family, friends, and others.

You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but  a lot of empty yesterdays.  I don’t know about you, but I’d  like to make today worth remembering.  Meredith Wilson (The Music Man)

What joy are you finding today?  What blessings are you counting today?  Have you even slowed down enough today to count your blessings, to spend time with Him thanking Him for all He has done yesterday and today and what He is going to do tomorrow?


In the waiting, we need to trust, we need to pour our hearts out to the Lord as we are on our knees praying, we need to be in the Word, and remain steadfast in the hope of the Lord.  It’s in the waiting we see Him at work.  It’s in the waiting we see His purpose in our lives through every season.


35 thoughts on “FOCUS”

  1. I love the Bible verses you focused on here. Psalm 62 is one of my favourites, and the Proverbs one was not one I was familiar with but would have fitted with my post. (I wrote about focusing while driving too!) I also find it easy to get distracted and have to remind myself to keep focused on what really matters.

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  2. This is beautifully written. I know I can get off focus- especially when it has to do with things on the computer. When I close my laptop, I feel like there are little rabbit trails of places I’ve visited, when I only came to do one thing. =) Of course, our prayer life can be the same. We can get interrupted by phone calls, text messages and other distractions that lure us away from the One we so desperately want to spend time with. We have great intentions. But we easily get distracted. Setting boundaries for my prayer time has really helped me stayed focused! Linking up with you at Weekend Whispers.

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  3. I haven’t been a very good “waiter” in my current season of struggle. I am thankful that His new mercies bring new opportunities to re-align myself with His truths. Blessings!


  4. Thank you for these words! God has done a lot of work on me in seasons of waiting as I am just coming out of one. Even though it seems like we are standing still when waiting, when we focus on God we find out that He is steadily doing heart work on us. He is working on us from the inside out. It is beautiful! Happy Sunday!

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  5. Focusing on the Lord … looking straight ahead … is all we can do, forever and ever. Thinking of the Lord is a consistent portion of life. I’ve done it for a long time, and even in this past 40 years I’ve tried and in the past 15 years it truly has been strongly. He’s all that counts and that keeps me from looking at anything else… I’m worshiping, glorifying, praising, and honoring day-to-day, night-to-night. Thank you. You sure grabbed my attention.


  6. Simply beautiful! I love the simple reminder and message..love this:You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays. I have been reflecting today about the blessings God gave me of motherhood 18 years ago..after 3 miscarriages..I’m so enjoying time with my teen son! Simple time with my family, and my heart and eyes focused on God! Blessings from next door #TellHisStory


    1. Thanks Kathy and you and I know what a blessing that son is after all the waiting. Thank you for stopping by and yes I am just getting to your site today. I get behind on comments sometime and trying to catch up on some tonight and visit blogs when someone has been to mine. I loved your latest kitchen blog pray. Beautiful.


  7. Beautiful post. I love the proverb you shared. “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.” So true, we must always look forward and press on, not look back. When we look back we take our focus off of the Lord and onto our past.

    Joy is found in the morning! “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.” Psalm 65:8 : )


  8. What a beautiful sentiment! I agree: sometimes focusing on just this moment, in the present instead of the past or the future, is better. It’s more encouraging and allows us to truly be grateful for everything that’s around us. Thanks so much for sharing this on #SHINEbloghop this week.


  9. Focus …absolutely necessary to complete our tasks at hand. Great reminders to slow down and trust.Will be featuring this next week on Tuesday Talk. Thanks for sharing with us this week.

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  10. It is soooooo easy to get off focus! Yikes! I do the same thing with the computer. I sit down to write, but wait, let me just check….. Ha! But when we keep our focus on Christ and the work He put before us, great things can happen!
    Blessings and smiles,

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  11. I think what I love the most about retirement is the ability to slow down, look around me and just enjoy life. Yesterday we took a lovely bicycle ride along the ocean and stopped for awhile to just sit and watch the waves. Those simple pleasures are the best.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

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