Suzanne Eller Live-Free Thursday

Our Scars Are Beautiful


Scars can be horrible, scars can be beautiful.

Somehow God brought me through my teenage years with no scars.  My scars all began in my late twenties – ugly scars, happy scars and sad scars.

My first big ugly scar was in my late twenties – a trampoline scar.  To this day I can’t stand trampolines.  My son used to beg to go next door and jump on the neighbor’s.  NO!  That big giant, ugly scar down the side of my leg brought too many reminders of how when two people jump on a trampoline and are acting crazy one can be thrown off and break her hip (fortunately the doctor said it was not her neck), requiring a pin down the side of the leg and months of therapy).

Another ugly scar in my early 40s happened when I was coming down our stairs, and me, the one that is always rushing was trying to come down with two big Rubbermaid containers of winter clothes on a cold January day.  Well, I missed the last couple of steps coming down backwards and bam – broken wrist with compound fractures, bones sticking out and two surgeries and nine months later, I could use that wrist again.

My first happy scar was when my son was born about 37 years ago.  He was coming breach – bottom first, and a c-section was in order.  Several years later I had toxemia with a pregnancy,  and a little girl only 2 pounds and 6 ounces had to come early.  She was also breach and required a second c-section.  Happy scars because of the joy they brought.

The older we get the more we have those sad scars – scars that cut deep and they may or may not be seen by others, and they can plague us for years and years to come if we don’t let Jesus take hold, and if we can’t find forgiveness.  These are scars that life brings like childhood abuse, divorces, miscarriages, infertility, abortion, death of family members, loss of jobs, loss of a business, infidelity, alcoholism, drug dependencies, and that list of scars goes on an on.

How do we heal those sad scars?

First, we can’t let those scars define us.  For me, it is only by His strength and leaning into Him when I feel like I can’t go any further.  How others get through things like losing a child or parent I do not know if they don’t have Jesus to carry them through.

Second, show your scars.  Jesus never hid his scars.  He came back and showed them. He wants you to show yours and let Him comfort you.  He wants to heal you.  When we show others our scars and what we have been through, those scars can become a ministry to others and help us to heal.  Let Him redeem you from those scars, wear them, and use them for His glory.  Tell your stories and show others that God can heal.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve watched him heal friends and family from so many of those things I’ve listed above, and He can you too.

Let Him mend your shattered hearts.  Take a moment to listen to this song.  It truly walked me through one of the hardest times in my life.

And this song I just heard this morning while writing this blog.  I think God wanted me to hear it and you too.

Joining Suzanne Eller today on Live-Free Thursday and the prompt is “Our Scars Are Beautiful”.





18 thoughts on “Our Scars Are Beautiful”

  1. each day that I read along with your blog … I feel like I have just spent some time with a friend and that I have been blessed with God’s words washing over my heart…thank you for sharing. Enjoy the SONshine, Jayne


  2. I’ve never thought about Jesus showing His scars in that context before. I like that. 🙂 So thankful we serve the Healer of inner scars. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing. Blessed to be your linkup buddy at Susan’s place this morning. ((blessings))


  3. My scars started very early, when my father passed away right before I turned four. Then losing my older sister and my dear gram in my 20’s. Scars once healed by Our Creator make us who we are. Though painful, and ones I wouldn’t choose, they are pieces of history that bring us to today. And I know I am more compassionate for them all. Thank you for sharing yours!


  4. These are such beautiful, personal stories you’ve shared today. Most of my scars can’t be seen on the outside but they keep me tender on the inside for others. I’m happy to be visiting for the first time from Dance with Jesus. You have a lovely site. Thank you!


  5. Thank you for the beauty and vulnerability in your words. We should show our scars as a child of God and we cannot let them define us. Our vulnerability as a believer shows others of the beautiful redeeming love of Christ and all people need to see those scars. Happy Sabbath blessings!


  6. I was just looking at the scars on my leg tonight – all caused by old age and thin skin. Until recently, I didn’t have many scars. But whenever I complain about the scars I seem to be gathering lately my husband reminds me that the issues of old age sure beat the alternative. So, I will wear my scars with pride for a life well lived.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post with SYC.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I came off a trampoline when I was jumping with a friend (we were about 17) and almost broke my neck too! I loved this post and I think we all need to be more open about our scars and sharing our journeys honestly – I think that’s why I love blogging so much because people are more transparent online than they often are face to face. thanks for sharing on our #OTM link up ~ Leanne 🙂


  8. Each scar is diary entry. Each scar is an opportunity to remember the goodness of God and how He saw me through. Each scar is a chance to connect to someone else who has scars of their own and share.

    thank you


  9. Sweet friend, what a beautiful post about scars inside and out. Our Heavenly Father can heal those scars and use them for good just like you did by writing this encouraging post. Bless you, dear one!

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!


  10. I know exactly what you mean. Our scars don’t have to define us or harden our hearts. It is interesting to think of Jesus showing his scars. Many of us try to hide them, but I think in the long run that only ends up hurting us. We should be able to show our scars and the lessons we learned from them, and even the joy as you said. Both my boys were born C-section as well, and I am very proud of my scars from that as well! Thanks for sharing this encouragement with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂


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