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5 Habits Book – Are You A Quitzilla?


I am so excited today to tell you about the release of this book:

5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz

5 Habits


I just finished reading Nicki’s book and I was not disappointed.  I have known Nicki for a while now and love hearing her speak, so I knew the book would not disappoint me. Today is her release day, and we are loving all the excitement.  Next month thousands of us will be joining her in an on-line Bible study at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

When I picked up this book I thought I was not a quitter.  I found out I am, and how to hang in there instead of quitting.  So can you as she walks us through not quitting in our relationships, our jobs, and our dreams.

So what can you learn from this book?  First, check out the five habits.  If they don’t spur you to read this book nothing will:

  1. Habit One – She accepts the assignment of refinement.
  2. Habit Two – She follows through with her commitments despite how she feels.
  3. Habit Three – She stays open to the movement of God.
  4. Habit Four – She gives others what she needs.
  5. Habit Five – She moves forward in faith.

One of the things I loved most while reading 5 Habits was how Nicki walks us through the life of Ruth in practical steps comparing to her life and ours.  It is a beautiful story, and we can be like Ruth impacting generations to come.

This is also a fun book.  I loved all of Nicki’s little stories about  “quitzillas” and her real-life stories about her husband, daughters, pigs and the fixer-upper farm, sitting in car pool lines and all the times she has quit. I loved all the practical, Biblical advise Nicki shares..

Nicki has come up with some acronyms I’ve never heard like “quitzilla”, “see-over prayers”, #humblebrag, “fists open”, “mistake sandwich” and others.  You just have to read it to enjoy it.

I don’t want to quit anymore.  How about you?  Come join us in our next study at Proverbs 31 beginning April 18.  You can sign up here.



7 thoughts on “5 Habits Book – Are You A Quitzilla?”

  1. I almost bought this at the bookstore. I’ve been trying to wait until books go on clearance, but now I regret not picking this up!

    Thanks so much for sharing this book at Literacy Musing Mondays!

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