Kate Matoung Five-Minute Friday, Uncategorized

Pass It On

  HOW ARE YOU INFLUENCING YOUR KIDS, GRANDCHILDREN, AND GREAT GRANDCHILDREN? I'm joining Kate Motaung at #FiveMinuteFriday today.  The prompt is pass and we are to write five minutes.  GO!  Let's pass it on. How are you influencing future generations?  Do you drag your kids to church?  Some parents say they don't want to force their… Continue reading Pass It On

Suzanne Eller Live-Free Thursday, Uncategorized

Whisper Yes

How do we slow down to hear His whisper and whisper  yes?  My schedule has always been rushed.  I am a "Type A" personality and I love being busy doing things.  I am retired and I still find my schedule is rushed with family, Bible study, substitute teaching, taking care of grandsons, housework, yard work,… Continue reading Whisper Yes

Kate Matoung Five-Minute Friday

Unite – National Day of Prayer 2016

I had to think awhile to come up with the words to go with the unite prompt that Kate Matoung gave us for #FiveMinuteFriday.  I started to write on marriage, but my thoughts went to our nation and the shape it is in right now.  It's enough to not only bring us to our knees,… Continue reading Unite – National Day of Prayer 2016