Kate Matoung Five-Minute Friday

Unite – National Day of Prayer 2016


I had to think awhile to come up with the words to go with the unite prompt that Kate Matoung gave us for #FiveMinuteFriday.  I started to write on marriage, but my thoughts went to our nation and the shape it is in right now.  It’s enough to not only bring us to our knees, but keep us on our knees.

My heart cries out that we can’t seem to love one another just as Christ loved us.  Why can’t we put aside our differences, our choices, the different ways God created us and love one another just because He first loved us?

I browsed some of the National Day of Prayer sites and found that this years theme and verse are:


Isaiah 58:1a is the Scripture for this year:  “Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet.

Dr. Tony Evans, from right here in Dallas, wrote this beautiful prayer.  Read it and see if it doesn’t cause you a little bit of regret.  For me it did as I read his words about us being secret agent Christians who need to be publicly declaring and living out our Christian truths.

So America it’s time for us to stop sitting back. It is time to lift our voices and unite.  It is time to shout it aloud.  It is time to stop holding back.  It is time to raise our voices.

For more on the National Day of Prayer which is Thursday, May 5th here is a link.

Find an event near you.


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