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Whisper Yes


How do we slow down to hear His whisper and whisper  yes?  My schedule has always been rushed.  I am a “Type A” personality and I love being busy doing things.  I am retired and I still find my schedule is rushed with family, Bible study, substitute teaching, taking care of grandsons, housework, yard work, blogging and anything else that comes up.  Honestly, I could spend my days doing nothing but Bible Study now.  I can’t get enough.

Is your daily schedule like mine so busy taking care of kids, parents, jobs, rushing to church, working at church, cleaning house  that you can’t find time, or you don’t slow down in order to hear God’s whispers?

When He says will you Debbie?  Do I say yes?  Honestly not always, sometimes it’s delayed like right now with my weight-loss journey.  He’s speaking, He’s calling, but I have not been obedient.  But I have not quit!  I’m not a quitter and I will get there as He continues to whisper.

Here are some ways that God whispers yes will you follow me.

WHISPERS IN THE WORD:   So many years I read the Word but it was not saturating.  It was a mad rush to study my Sunday school lesson, work, get the kids to school, finishing my college degree, working full-time, working in the yard,  and taking care of my Mom that I really was not studying and letting His Word saturate my heart, mind and soul.

Now I really study the Word.  Am I still busy.  You bet!  I am a volunteer Team Leader for Proverbs 31 Ministries leading groups, I substitute teach, I keep my grandsons several days a week, and still have the house work and the yard work and church activities.  So what’s different?  ME, ME, ME.  I’m different because I found time to spend with Him every day in the Word.

Only by reading His Word can His story become a part of our story.  His Word has come alive.  Over the years I had favorite Bible verses.  Today, my Bible is highlighted and underline and notes everywhere and there are too many Bible verses that I cannot choose favorites anymore.  There are too many.

WHISPERS IN PRAYER:  I pray all day long, and now I spend time on my knees and really lifting others up sometimes in tears.  Have I heard His whispers?  You bet I have.  He whispered to me yesterday during my study and memorization that to surrender all my impossibles to Him as I walk with Him and hit my knees to the ground for family and friends that are suffering through hurts, sickness and prayers they are longing to be answered. I know with God ALL things are possible and this week’s verse came at a time my family is praying for the impossible in our own strength.

God whispered to me in memorizing this verse this week.  He whispered to me about future generations and promises that He made to Abraham about the stars and future generations, and also Jacob and future generations like the sand at the sea. Thankful for our memory verse this week and also Wendy Blight’s study I Know His Name to remind me of those generational stories, and what perfect timing for me.

Tracie Miles once said in a book I read about Stress Free Living  her general rule of thumb is never to say Amen.  I laugh because sometimes at night when I can’t go to sleep or I wake up I lay there praying and yes sometimes I fall asleep without saying Amen.

If you are hurting today, get on your knees.  He will you lift you back up on your feet.

WHISPERS THROUGH MEMORIZING THE WORD:  He speaks to me daily as I walk into my kitchen or bathrooms and see our weekly memory verse.  I print them out.  I want them written on my heart.  I want to be able to pull them out on a bad day.  I want to be blessed by His promises like the one I am memorizing in my Bible study this week of 5 Habits of A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit.  But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26 HCSB

WHISPERS IN OUR THOUGHTS:  Have you ever had someone come to mind that is ill or going through a hard time.  Perhaps that was a whisper from God for you to text them, email them, phone them or send a card.  He speaks to us that way – we just don’t listen.  Does God wake you up during the night?  Is someone on your mind you need to pray for?  Make some time to bless that person that comes to mind.  I find myself doing it all the time.  It’s so easy to text, or private message them on Facebook, but it’s even easier to send a card or email or pick up that phone.  Sometimes I will be driving and an old friend I used to work with comes to mind and I just call them and chat.

WHISPERS THROUGH OTHERS: Sometimes God speaks to us through other people encouraging us, directing us or perhaps even scolding us to reach into our thick heads.

WHISPERS THROUGH NATURE:  He whispers to me every single day when I slow down and look at all He has created.  It is so simple to walk outdoors and praise Him for the flowers that are blooming right now.  I can’t walk out to the mailbox and not see the flowers and trees right now showing off, or a butterfly and all the birds out building their nests and coming in to our feeders or drive to school and see cows or a trip to the zoo yesterday to see all He has created.  Take some time to let Him whisper to you with a sunrise or sunset today.

WHISPERS THROUGH MUSIC:  I only listen to Christian music when I’m driving.  I didn’t always do that.  It took my 5-year old daughter asking me to turn the radio to a specific station on the radio, and I’ve never turned back.  I am smiling as I type that because God is just speaking to me right now about that song No Turning Back.  I was driving to school yesterday with the radio blaring and my lips praising as He whispered to me, and I’ll be listening again as I drive to the post office and back to school in a bit, and as I clean house.

Come follow Him as He whispers to you daily.  As that song says, “Won’t you come me, just follow His name”.  Go listen.  Be blessed. Whisper yes back.

Joining Suzie Eller today on #LiveFreeThursday.

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40 thoughts on “Whisper Yes”

  1. Reblogged this on Leaving a Legacy and commented:
    Great ways to hear the whispers of God. I’m with you on not being able to get enough Bible study. I get lost in my studies to the point of not getting things done that need to be done. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for this! It spoke to me, I too am always rushing around and have to remind my self frequently to “be still and know that He is God.”

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  3. I love this Debbie. With all of the distractions going on around us all day, every day it can be challenging to slow down enough to hear His whispers. Makes me wonder how much I’m missing when my schedule gets crazy….

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    1. Yes He can do it even when we don’t. He’s helped me this summer when I cut my fingers and now with a virus.


  4. I’m retired and in the empty nest phase, yet I’ve found that my life still hasn’t slowed down much either. It’s all good though, so I’m grateful. But yes, I never want to be too busy to hear God’s whispers. It’s in his whispers that our steps our guided into the next good thing, or just a reminder to stop all things and sit with him awhile. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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    1. It’s funny how we are busier than we were when we were working full-time, but I do love my retired life as busy as it is Lisa.


  5. I’m listening and responding YES. Nature too is my primary way of communing with God. I used to be diligent with my memory verses but have strayed from that as of late. But this post prompts me to grab a fresh word and hold onto it.

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    1. And I’m really late Laura responding to many comments. Things got really busy and I forgot to go back and it’s hard catching up. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. Headed to visit you.


  6. Beautiful post! I do think that we need to take the time to slow down and listen for the whisper of the Lord. Sometimes I like to just sit in my family room with no background noise and just reflect. I often feel his spirit! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  7. I love this!!! How many times I have missed God’s whispers. Thank you for this peak into such sweet moments God has for us if we only take the time. I’d love for you to share on my new Fresh Market Friday link-up:)

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  8. The question, “How do I hear God?”, is so often asked. You have given such a wonderful resource for that very question! I can’t wait to share this!
    Blessings and smiles,

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