Cheering For Us

Photo Credit:  Canva purchased photo Are there  days you would like to stay in bed and sleep, shut the blinds, not answer the telephone and wish your problems away?  I think if we are honest, we have all had those days.  I even had one this morning when the telephone rang at 4:15 AM with a weather… Continue reading Cheering For Us

Suzanne Eller Live-Free Thursday

Here To Worship Him

  What is worship?  The Dictionary defines it as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity, but I wanted to go further.  Worship for each of us is different, it is  a holy act to Him, it is not comparison, it is not a sense of obligation but a sense of love and reverence.… Continue reading Here To Worship Him


Jehovah Nissi

  Jehovah Nissi means the Lord is my banner. Wendy Blight shared in her study I Know His Name so much of the history in the Old Testament about banners and how we are under God's banner - under the covering and shadow of His wings.  She also shared the first time that term was used after… Continue reading Jehovah Nissi