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Here To Worship Him


PicMonkey Collage turn your eyesWhat is worship?  The Dictionary defines it as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity, but I wanted to go further.  Worship for each of us is different, it is  a holy act to Him, it is not comparison, it is not a sense of obligation but a sense of love and reverence.

How do I personally worship:

Worship in Prayer –   I love lifting up my friends, my family, my country and anything else that is on my heart.  I love being on my knees in worship with my Father.  I don’t love the tears sometimes when I am praying for loved ones who are hurting and sick.  I love bowing down to worship Him.  I love lifting my palms up to him. PicMonkey Collage Psalm 956

Worship in Music – Let me tell you I love worshipping with music.  I love listening to music and praising and sometimes I can be found lifting my hands at a red light.  I am not much of a hand lifter at church yet.  We are in the more conservative early service, but I know if the time comes it will be an act of the Holy Spirit.   Some do raise their hands, but I can get distracted by that if I turn my eyes on others who are, and right now for me it would distract me in worship to raise my hands, and it would be because others are doing it and that would be wrong.  It is all about singing to God because He is God. It’s about letting the words penetrate my heart as I reflect on Him.  It’s not about raising my hands out of a sense of obligation, but rather an act of worship of Him with every word that comes out of my mouth.

PicMonkey Collage- Psalm 138.5

Worship in Neighborhood Prayer walks – I made a walk before church on Sunday morning.  It was 6:00 AM and the sun had just risen and it was a beautiful morning in the sixties here in Texas.   I walked around the neighborhood praying for my neighbors.  I love doing that but we are on acreage so we are spread out and by the time I have walked thirty minutes I do not know those neighbors, so Sunday I had my music on a Christian radio station and as I was listening and worshiping I sang specific phrases of some of the songs over my neighbors.

No where in the New Testament are there any references to a house of worship or churches as we find them today.  The early Christians met for Bible study, fellowship and prayer.  We worship God because He is God.  Real worship is the priority we place on God.  We were all created to worship Him.

I could not help but think about a couple of songs. The first called The Heart of Worship by Matt Redman.  Matt wrote the song at  time when his church in England was struggling about their music.  His pastor made a decision to rid the services of a sound system and their band leaving only their voices.  Pastor Pilavachi asked his congregation what were they bringing to the services when they walked through the doors.

Listen to Matt’s song.  It’s all really about Jesus – not the songs, not the band, not the piano.  It’s about coming as worshipers and delighting and honoring .  As Matt sings, “I’m coming back to the heart of worship.  I’m sorry for the thing I’ve made it.”

But there is one more song I love about worship and that is Michael W. Smith’s Here I Am To Worship. Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you are my God.  It’s not about me.  It’s ALL about Him.

I’m joining Suzie Eller today in Live Free Thursday.  Come join us.

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25 thoughts on “Here To Worship Him”

  1. wonderful ways to worship! I have wanted to pray while a walk but haven’t really done that. I do pray for neighbors from my home but want to be doing it more!


  2. Oh how I love music too! I get lost in the words and the melody and so often they lead me right into worship! I’m sure people in the cars around me wonder what I’m doing as my mout moves and my had is waving as I drive! #livefree, Cindy

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  3. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, to sing praises to His name!” Worship is such a gift, isn’t it? It’s a privilege we could never deserve, but we’re granted by a loving Father. Thank you for sharing this with us at Grace & Truth!


  4. I love both Matt Redman and Michael W Smith’s music. Both men know how to worship and their music just blesses me. We did a lot of their music when I was music director at our church. As for lifting our hands in worship. It’s easy for me when I close my eyes. That way there is no distraction; it’s just the Lord and me. It is a privilege to worship Him who loves us so. Thank you for sharing.



  5. What a beautiful post. Too often we get so caught up in the day to day activities of life that we forget the basics, which are usually the most important things. Yes we pray and worship to thank the Lord for all he has done for us and we are always greatful, Thank you for joining us at Sweet Inspiration.


  6. We can and do worship at church, and worship is also a person thing between you and God. I lift my hands at church, but then we are a loud church – – . Lifting your hands in private is better for you now until you try the second service at church. (smile.) Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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