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All My Nevers

30 Jun

Never.  Do you use that word?  Do you limit God when you say never?  Have you ever said, “I will never, ever do that?”  Ever heard the saying, “never say never?”  I believe most of us are capable of doing things we might say we would never do.

Are you shocked when one of your friends calls and says that her husband or his wife is leaving them because of an affair.  I am, and think I thought they would never do that.  People try drugs, alcohol, and gamble or get involved in porn, and you think I know they thought they would never do that.

I will never get fat.  Yes, that fat one overtook me by surprise after two kids and the weight of a stressful job and the responsibilities that went with it.  Never, say never because Satan knows every weakness we have, and mine has been food.  It is so sad, BUT God is not finished with me yet.

I don’t want to get tangled up in those nevers.  I’ll never cheat or have an affair.  I’ll never walk away from my faith.  Oh, how Satan will try to change our hearts.  We have to keep focused on our Savior.  One thing I know for sure.  Jesus said He would never leave us (Hebrews 13:5)

I remember some of my nevers like the time a doctor told me that after three miscarriages there was not much hope of ever having a baby.  I would like to say I never gave up, but I did after five or six miscarriages.  I quit hoping for a baby – the pain was too hard, and one day,  God showed me and the doctors what He can do.  He never left me even though I thought He had.

When our baby girl was born almost three months early I just turned it over to God and decided whatever happened would happen.  It was too painful listening to the dismal hope from her doctors.  Not once were we encouraged she might leave that hospital.   They were never positive until the day she came home, and even then they gave news that she would be slow and sick.  Well, they got that one wrong because God showed off BIG.  She was valedictorian of her graduating class and was Magna Cum Laude in college and straight “A’s” working on her masters.  I’m not bragging about what she did, but what God did.  He deserves all the glory.

I never thought we would see our grandson crawl, much less walk.   God showed us that His miracles are never-ending, and that grandson is running and can wear shoes.


I never thought I would be able to lead women.   What a dream for one who did not have the confidence!  God showed me that never was possible when I put my trust in Him alone, and let him equip me as only He can do.

I grew up pretending to teach my dolls, but did I have the confidence to study to be a teacher.  I did not.  I went to work in a business job and worked myself up and got my business degree, but when I retired God put it on my heart to go into the public school system locally and show other teachers and students about Him.  He equipped me again as only He could do.

It’s time to throw off those insecurities.  God is looking for us to say “yes”, not never.  Yes I will be faithful, yes I will be drug-free and alcohol-free, and yes I will eat healthy thinking about what I am shoving in my mouth.

Have you heard Him speaking to you today to say yes?  No, He doesn’t speak audibly, but the more I study His Word, the more I feel Him tugging and showing me where He wants me to go.  What is God calling you to do today?

I’m joining Suzanne Eller today at #LiveFreeThursday.  Come join us.

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Places to Pray

26 Jun

My husband and I saw the movie last year, The War Room.  I came home wanting a prayer closet.  Actually I have gone to my closet to pray, but it seems I spend a lot of time on my knees in front of my sofa or in my office.

I can be found praying many places and anytime.  We should be in a prayer mode all day.  Honestly, some days I am not.

Here are some places I like to pray.  So how about you?  Where do you pray?  I would love to hear your thoughts so I can add them to this list.

  1. In the shower
  2. While shopping
  3. While driving or sitting in the car waiting
  4. In Bed – When God awakens me, when I can not sleep,  or before I get up.
  5. On the treadmill
  6. While jogging
  7. Folding or ironing clothes.  I pray over each pair of socks or underwear, or as I iron each shirt.
  8. At my kitchen table
  9. At work
  10. Washing dishes
  11. Drying my hair
  12. Walking  or Driving – Try a prayer walk around your neighborhood or what I call a prayer drive around a larger area. Want to know how I do that.  I wrote about it here.
  13. When someone upsets you on the highway pray for them
  14. In the checkout line pray for the one checking, sacking and those in line in front of you and behind you
  15. At the beauty shop for those styling and those getting styled
  16. Rocking my grand sons
  17. On the riding lawn mower
  18. On a plane or train for those around you or waiting on you and those who are driving/flying
  19. Movie theater, museums, zoo, ball games
  20. At a restaurant – pray for your waiter and those around you
  21. At church – pray for your pastor, choir, musicians, Bible study friends and those visiting
  22. School – pray for the students and staff and teachers – I often sit in my car in the parking lot lifting our schools in prayer.  I also sit in my chair as a teacher silently praying for the students as they work.
  23. For the mail person as they drive by or walk by.  Also the FedEx/UPS person as they drive by
  24. Ambulances – Pray as one passes you for the ones on the way to the hospital and the ones taking care of them
  25. Fireman – Pray for them as you see them going/coming from a fire
  26. Policeman – Pray each time you pass one
  27. While swimming or just floating in the pool
  28. Before meals
  29. At a hospital or nursing home
  30. Over my Christmas cards as I address them, and later for each one received, I pray for that family.  You can read about how I do that here.  It’s one of our favorite traditions.
  31. On the phone with a friend
  32. Sitting by my pool or on the patio
  33. On my knees
  34. At the beauty shop under a dryer
  35. Some men would say the commode.  I have not done that.
  36. A park bench
  37. An airplane or bus

So how about you?  Where do you pray?  I would love to hear your thoughts so I can add them to this list.

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17 Jun


This past week I have suffered the loss of my hand.  I have had to learn what it is like to lose the use of two fingers because of a nasty cut and sixteen stitches.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I waited so long for summer to get here.  I was excited it was my first week out of school and freedom to work in the yard, take long walks, exercise, and really clean house.  Last Thursday night (a week ago) we were heading to bed.  I picked up my glass beside me to put in the dishwasher and start it.  I walked into the kitchen and picked up my tea glass to empty and fill up with water.  I don’t know what happened but perhaps one was falling and I grabbed it and perhaps hit it on the granite.  It happened so fast and I was bleeding so bad I have no clue.

We spent 3 hours in the ER.  The worst part was the four shots they gave me to deaden the fingers and boy did it deaden for a full twenty-four hours.

Right now I feel like I am losing control – losing control of my Bible studies and writing in my workbooks, blogging, commenting on other blogs, cleaning up old emails, yard work and house work and all those drawers and closets that need cleaning out so I can donate, and that pool is calling now that the days are over 100 degrees.

Next week the stitches will come out.  I’m looking forward to losing the stitches, but not what it may feel like while they pull all sixteen out, nor the tenderness for the next few weeks, but this too shall pass.

Today I am joining Kate Motaung and my five-minute Friday friends.  We are blogging about the word lose this week.




June 2016 Goals and May Recap

16 Jun


june 2016 goals

WOW it is June 15th.   Trust me that old saying that the older we get, the faster time goes is true.  Not only did June get here, but the rain stopped (finally) and it is hot.  

I am reading over my May goals and feel pretty good considering how busy the month was with things not on my goal list, and finishing up school with lots of subbing while teachers were using up their last vacation days.  I am excited what I did get done, and not focusing on the things I did not.  Setting goals is working, and when I miss one or two I just move them to the next month.

So here is how I fared in May with my goals, and I my planned June goals.  I feel retired again with school out and the phone not ringing to sub although it has rang at least three or four times a day with solicitors – you know the IRS, a free emergency phone system or hearing aids for the older generation like me.

I had this post almost ready to post on June 8th (my birthday), but on June 9th as I was headed to bed I broke a glass in my right hand and cut two fingers deeply and spent hours in the ER getting 15 stitches.  Needles to say I am not sure I will get those June goals accomplished because I can barely type right now, but I am leaving them in hopes I can get some of them finished.

With much excitement and anticipation for the month of June here goes:




Five-Minute daily devotion on Acts – First-Five App – Stay caught up and not get behind.  (Completed)

Complete 5 Habits of a Girl That Doesn’t Quit.  (Completed)


See that coffee cup.  I need to PRAY MORE and WORRY LESS.  I have a whole lot on my heart this month, and I know I’ll be calling out Lord to God and on my knees this month.  I already have.

Five-Minute Daily Devotion on Acts – First-Five App – Stay caught up and not get behind. Finish Acts and begin Numbers on June 6th.  Oops it is June 6th today.  (It’s June 15th and I can’t write so I am already behind on Numbers and Acts had a couple of days to finish.)

Begin Bible study at church on June 8 (Happy Birthday to me).  It’s called The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst.  I’ve done it before as a volunteer team leader for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, and I can not wait to do it with my church family. (I attended on June 8th but again I am behind because I can’t write in my workbook, and we were out-of-town today so I missed the video.)

Begin the Bible Study The Husband Project by Kathy Lipp with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies on June 20.



Walks in the neighborhood with both the boys, and yes continue snuggling on the sofa with my husband.  Total success and we also had a Dairy Queen night with my mother-in-law, and a trip to South Texas and a trip to the Animal Safari with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson.


Walks in the neighborhood with both the boys, and yes continue snuggling on the sofa with my husband.  

Mini-trip with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

Fishing Tournament with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

Family Reunion with my husband’s family.  Can’t wait.



Wear pedometer (7,000 steps a day), Exercise 3-4 days a week, eat healthier, walk the boys at least twice and plan one week of meals.  Lose 2 pounds.  This one was a success also.  So proud of myself because most days I walked more that 7,000 steps and many of them were up to 12,000 steps.  I am eating healthier and guess what I lost those 2 pounds.  Now if I can keep them off.  


Wear pedometer (7,000 steps a day), Exercise 3-4 days a week, eat healthier, walk the boys at least twice and plan one week of meals.  Lose 2 pounds.   (Already feeling lost on this one.  Not much I can do right now.)




Have lunch/coffee with a friend.  I am sad to say I didn’t meet a friend for lunch or coffee in May.  I just could not work it in my schedule, but I did talk on the phone to one for a very long time while driving to my blogging weekend six hours away.  


Be The Blessing – OK I am going out on a limb here because it is June 6th and my birthday is in two days.  This year I am 66.  It seems impossible.  I wish I was 30 and knowing all I do now, but we don’t get do overs.  Anyway two days from now if I can get it all organized I want to be a blessing and give 66 things.  I was up until 1:00 this morning making a list of 66 things and I have not been able to come up with that many, but maybe my friends and family can help.  (Did it and it was great.)  (Here is my planned post.  I haven’t been able to write about all the wonderful things that happened.)

Would you join me on my blog post for my birthday and share how you have performed a random act of kindness.  Here is my post on that.


Flower Bed


Clean the front flower beds and mulch them.  Trim azaleas.  TOTAL FAILURE but we did get one flower bed cleaned.  The rain was just too much and we could not get out when we were home to do them, and if we could we had to mow between the storms.


Clean the front flower beds, mulch them and trim all fifteen azaleas.

Clean out winter clothes.  Bring summer clothes downstairs.

Clean out make-up drawer.

(I am not sure any of the house goals will happen.)


              BLOGGING GOALS

Blogging Goals

 Continue to pray about where my emphasis should be.  So many questions on my heart right now as to how I should proceed.  (Still no firm answers)


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course.   Review and clean-up my first 15 blogs.  Failure

Linky Page – Complete cleaning it up. I worked on it, but it’s not finished.  I’m hoping to finish it up the second week in June.

Attend Blogging Gathering with friends in Louisiana.  I did get to attend the gathering.  It was a six-hour trip by myself driving both ways, but I had a whole lot of time to talk and I called a lady I used to work with, and we talked for 45 minutes.  Helped on that lonesome road when there was no traffic and nothing to see.


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course.  Review and clean-up my first 15 blogs.

Linky Page – Complete cleaning it up.

Names of God – Finish my blog posts on the names of God from Wendy Blight’s study of I Know His Name.

If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy this one from March and this one from April, and here is May.

A couple of the pictures for blogging goals and the recap are courtesy of A Prettier Web and complimentary when you sign up.




7 Jun

Be A Gift-4.jpg

My birthday is Wednesday, June 8th and I hope you will join me in being a gift to others.  Oh my goodness I have been shopping and planning all day long trying to dream up 66 ways to bless others because I am going to be 66.  My pedometer has 15,000 steps.   I am having a ball dreaming up things to do so I can bless others this year.

Will you join me?  Will you be a gift?  Will you blitz your town with some random acts of kindness?

Give one gift. It can be something as simple as a hug, a smile, or word of encouragement, or a wave to a stranger or something big. Find a stranger and be a friend. Go to a neighbors and share something with them. Allow God to place someone on your heart – your mailman, someone where you shop, a nurse, a neighbor, your child, your spouse, a soldier, a fire man.

Give one gift or even more, and come back here and share. Your stories will be a gift to me on my birthday. If you are on Facebook I have an event page set up if you want to visit there and share with your friends and family.  Let’s change our World.   You can find my Facebook page  here.

My inspiration came from Ann Voskamp when she did this on her birthday and one of my friends Shelly Faust who did this some years back also. I have wanted to do it each year, but have not had the time. Here are the links to Ann’s blog posts. Enjoy reading about her experience, and get some ideas.  There are a whole list of simple things to do, and if you want to get real simple open a door for someone, let them in front of you, take some doughnuts to your office – simple acts of kindness that may bless someone’s heart who so needs it today.…/how-to-have-the-best-birt…/

Some of the things Ann shared that blessed my heart:

Be the G.I.F.T. and Give.It.Forward.Today — and you get the gift of forgetting yourself. Say the day was as ridiculous as, oh, your birthday — and you will forget yourself and forget what day it is and you’ll end up throwing your head back and laughing because when you lose yourself is when find yourself and you can’t believe if it’s ever happened so clearly as this G.I.F.T. Blitz.

G.I.F.T. Blitz your town. And you defeat your own dark. You defeat a bit more of the dark of the whole world.

Be the G.I.F.T. and Give.It.Forward.Today — and you get the gift of forgetting yourself.

“Unless our lives are generous — our faith is starving to death.”

“There’s a turn of the calendar page and what are our lives really about and adding up to and where are the leaves and the fruit and the signs of His life unfurling and ripening in us?”

“Jesus says that to get in on the best life — give the best of your life away”

Love you all!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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