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The word today at Kate Matoung’s is protection.  That has the thoughts really going through my head this morning ,so I don’t know where this five-minute  prompt is going to lead me, but here goes.

Protection of me and my family.  I can share so many stories of God’s protection.

  • A son coming breach – bottom first.  Would he have lived years ago had it not been for God’s protection, and an x-ray showing the doctor’s why he was not coming after many hours of labor.
  • A daughter who was born nine-weeks early because I had toxemia, weighing in at 2 pounds and six ounces.  The doctor’s said we both might not make it, but God protected us both, and told my husband to prepare for two funerals.
  • A car accident on I-20 where a motor home pulled into our little car back when kids were not in car seats.  My daughter was about five.  We were moving a friend back who had gone thru a recent divorce in MS.  We were at about Ruston, LA and had stopped for snacks.  The guys were ahead in a rented moving truck.  We got back in the car and I guess she was so excited she did not fasten her seat belt.  The motor home crossed lanes and plowed into us pushing us in front of him and headed back down the second line the wrong way.  I know without a doubt God was protecting us that day.  I remember thinking not this way God.  We spun off the interstate into the median which was muddy and caused us to spin and spin and stop instead of crossing to the other side of the highway.

I thank Him for His constant protection.  I thank Him for saving us from what could have happened.  I thank Him for His swiftness in changing what could have been very different stories.  Who am I to be so loved?

 I thank Him for protection of our country as I pause and give thanks this week for freedom.  May He shine His grace on us as we enter this blessed time to pause and remember Independence Day.  Want to know more about it.  I did some research some time ago and blogged about Independence Day here.

19 thoughts on “Protection”

  1. Wow, God is so good. They must have been really frightening times for you and your family, I love it how God shows us how faithful and trustworthy he is through the truly hard times and how he holds us through them. Thanks for sharing.


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