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Create Joy Each Day

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How do we create joy each day?  How can we create joy on the bad days?  I am pondering that as I write about the word create today with Kate Motaung and the #FMF community.  So for five minutes I am going to write about ways that I personally create joy in my life, and maybe someone reading this today who is hurting inside, sick, or devastated by something in life will be blessed.


  • Waking up each morning.  The older I get the more joyful I am to wake up each morning.
  • Cooking meals for my husband and family and thankful we have the means to cook meals, and I have the health and love to cook for my family.
  • Kissing my husband goodbye every morning.  Even on those mornings I sleep in, he comes in and kisses me at 545.
  • That God blessed me with a precious son and daughter. They create joy in my life when they text or call like this weekend our son called us to go to a movie with his family to see our almost 3-year old experience a movie, Dory the first time, or our daughter call to go out to lunch or breakfast or when they call for no reason but just to chat.
  • A hug or I love you from my son and daughter.
  • Watching a sunrise or sunset.  Have you done that lately?
  • Playing with my grandsons or taking them on a walk, to a pumpkin patch, to McDonald’s, or one of our favorite things is just running around the sofa and love seat in our big den.  They laugh and laugh and I laugh and maybe run off some pounds – simple and joyful.
  • Giving thanks for my home, everything in it, my car, the fact I can buy groceries (Last week I told my daughter-in-law I hate putting clean sheets on the bed, and then I came back and said oh my, I am so blessed I have clean sheets to put on my bed.)
  • Spending time with my Lord in prayer and Bible study each morning.  One of the things that brings me much joy and teaches me to be a better person is my on-line Bible studies with Proverbs31.Org.  Life changing for me as God has worked on my heart in each and every study.
  • Daily devotions with the First 5 App also a part of Proverbs 31 and it’s on my phone with me wherever I go.
  • Memories of my parents – choosing not to dwell on my feelings because they are gone, but rather all the good times growing up.  I miss them  – you bet I do, but I am blessed and can full of joy because I had parents who loved and took care of me.
  • That first cup of coffee and the second and third
  • I can create joy even yesterday pushing a mower around trees in the heat of the afternoon for several hours.  We also ride, but there’s much pushing around our pool and around the fruit trees, fence lines, azaleas and just so many trees it takes a long time.  I was out there in the high 90 degree day pushing and sweating and creating joy praising God that I am 66 years old and can still push a mower and not hurt, and hopefully I am creating a better, healthier body and losing some weight.  Yep, 6 pounds since school was out.
  • Air conditioning in this hot Texas heat and a very cold cup of water  in a cup a friend gave me that’s keeping me accountable on drinking enough water each day.
  • Smile at a cashier, thank a policeman, a cashier, a teacher, a pastor or how about thanking your husband for working hard, for washing your car, picking up dinner, opening the door for you, when he takes you out to dinner.  Create some joy in others.

Are you struggling today to find joy?  Do you find yourself complaining and grumbling, unhappy, and even depressed.  Spend some time pondering on all that God has blessed you with.  Create some joy.  His joy is our strength.  It’s there – go look for it.  Cherish this day the Lord has given you.

Join me and the Five-Minute Friday group today.


49 thoughts on “Create Joy Each Day”

  1. Focusing on gratitude rather than complaining points us to joy every time. I love learning a little more about you today from your list above. What wonderful blessings you have in your life. Hope you have a wonderful week.

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    1. God bless you Edye. Thank you for your precious words. I loved your blog and wow you are so young. I love all you are doing for and in Him.


  2. It takes the discipline of turning our ears and eyes from the negatives in our lives that scream at us toward hunting down the blessings in life that whisper and sometimes hide, Deborah. It sounds as if you’ve been exercising that discipline to the point of mastery! Thanks for inspiring us by your great example, my friend!

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  3. So love this and I definitely needed this. Lately I’ve been dealing with lots of sadness, grief, and anxiety over a family issue and sometimes I just find it hard to find joy sometimes. But I am slowly learning to find some kind of joy in the everyday. Thanks so much for sharing

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  4. What a great view to have on life. So many times its easy to think why oh why is life like this if things arnt going quite right. In fact it should be us celebrating the wonderful opportunities we have. Great post. Visiting you from the UK, have a lovely day.

    mainy – myrealfairy.com



  5. The joy I get from my four children takes away anything else – especially watching them all play together in their own little world… oh and hot chocolate, that really gives me joy. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

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    1. You are blessed. I only had two and now have two grandsons and praying for 3 little grand babies that are on the way.


  6. I know for some finding joy is difficult. It has always come easy for me. I find joy in the simplest things. I pray that others may be able to as well. Thanks for sharing this great post with SYC.

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  8. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy. The beauty of nature. Time spent making memories with those I love. I think it’s important to cherish those small, happy moments. Love your list. #brillblogposts

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