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Back To School Prayer

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As school starts back today I am looking forward to another year of being a light in the school system substitute teaching.  I had to take some time this morning to lift the staff and the children in prayer as they leave for school.

I am so thankful for another day and another school year, and don’t take a moment for granted.

Precious, Precious, Lord I come to you today just praising you for this new day and the new school year.  Father we are so thankful for every staff member, teacher, nurse, and coaches, our cleaning staff, cafeteria staff, and our wonderful bus drivers that spend their lives in the school system training up our children, and I am lifting each and every one up to you this morning that they may be a light in our children’s lives.  Father I pray for lives to be changed for your glory this year.

Father I pray our children will not be anxious for anything as they return to school.  I pray you will fill them with a desire to learn.  Father, bless them and protect them as they walk the hallways, sit in their classrooms and go to and fro their different classes.  May they fill Your presence today each time any thought of fear fills their minds.

Father I pray that You will direct them to meet friends that will be a good influence on their lives, and I pray that You place a desire in them to be a good influence on other students lives.

I pray You be there and fill them up with a love for who they are in You, and that they do not  compare themselves with others, but can find joy in who You created them to be.

Father teach them respect for authority, and teach them to be more like You.  I pray they will be a blessing to their teachers and staff.  May all they do be pleasing to you each day this school year.

Father I pray for protection for them this entire school year.  I pray they not be bullied, nor they bully others.

Thank You Lord for these precious ones You have placed in our hands.  My we not take that lightly as we send them off to school today, or as we lead them today.

In your precious name I pray, Jesus.  Amen.

Check out my free lunch-box notes here and here.  Here is a sample.

(Photo is a picture of an old desk that my Mom had.)


54 thoughts on “Back To School Prayer”

  1. We need this so much! Just reading through this I felt a sense of peace as I get my kids ready for back to school in another week. I love that God goes before us and protects our kids so much better than we can. It also warms my heart that there’s someone like you praying for the children in your school.
    Wishing you blessings and an amazing school year!

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  2. I’m so grateful for your prayer & for His people that are scattered in schools all around the world, bringing light. God led me to public school this year with my son entering Kindergarten & at first, this was so hard for me because I wanted to homeschool or send my kids to a private Christian school. It has been amazing how God has planted believers throughout this elementary school & how He met me through them when we went for our orientation/tour. I know that just like you they are praying that their light would shine before men and that He would be glorified through their presence. God bless you. I will be praying for you too.

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    1. Ayla it’s so good to hear your schools have believers. I’ve just prayed for you and your son and asked God to continue to send Christians to your schools. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Blessings.


  3. What a sweet gift you are offering up to the Lord in behalf of those who are headed back to school, Deborah! I love this and know that it will make a huge difference for all the parents and the kids who find August and September a challenging time.

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    1. Blessed Karen and yes I love you have shared homeschool. Not being a homeschool Mom I forgot to include that. Have a wonderful school year.


  4. This is a great prayer as a former teacher it is much appreciated. I believe there is power in prayer and starting the day and year off with it is really helpful. I am no longer teaching but I think I will start praying consistently for my former students, colleagues, staff, and administration.

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    1. Tona I think if we start at home and cover our schools perhaps we can turn the U.S. around. I have sit out in my car when I’m not subbing and pray. I find I’m doing it more and more.


  5. What a wonderful prayer warrior you are. I often pray for my daughter as she goes to school but I have never thought about praying for the wider school community. Having read your post, this is about to change! And what joy to know that God cares about all this stuff and is powerful to bring it to fruition. #BrillBlogPosts


  6. Your school prayer is lovely and covers teachers, bus drivers as well as students. I am a firm believer in parents reading a scripture portion prior to their children leaving for school, and praying for their safety and that they will excel, understand and decipher truth from error. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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    1. Thank you Hazel for the link-up and taking time to stop here and comment. I appreciate it. I love the bus drivers and our policeman and the janitor ladies and maintenance men. LOL! I love school and the jr. high one I sub at is awesome.


  7. Debbie, I love this prayer and also the fact that you view substitute teaching as a ministry. I always dreaded having subs when I was in school because it seemed like they never had any control over the class. As a parent, though, I’ve learned to appreciate the valuable role these teachers play. My girls have had subs that explained concepts better than the regular teachers, and others who brought fun and life to the class. I hope you have a wonderful school year! #FreshMarketFriday

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    1. Lois I do pretty well with control with my firm face and I send them out after a warning. I pray I am a blessing in every class I walk into. Thank you for your sweet comment.


  8. Debbie,
    I’m so glad you are in the school being the light and lifting up the staff, children, and parents! This prayer is beautiful!

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  9. Amen, Debbie! May the Lord make you a light that shines BRIGHT! I love this prayer and your heart for the schools and for our kids. You’re inspiring me to pray for my home school child, her senior year. She doesn’t love school, so it does get challenging sometimes. Lord, grace for one more year!

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  10. Lovely prayer, each and everyone of us needs to be prayed over to keep ourselves and the kids on track. The main thing is being a light in their lives so they can pass that light on to others. May you be blessed indeed, this school year, many will take the light from you and share it with others. That is an amazing thing!

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  11. What a gift Deborah!!
    Could you make a printable PDF format for the prayers?
    Would be great to have it!
    Thank you so much friend for sharing your testimony with my audience last week. It was also an encouragement for me😘
    Blessings to you


  12. What a beautiful prayer. We all need to be grateful that the children have schools to go to. here are some children who want to have that opportunity and sadly are denied it. Tha is why we are so blessed.

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