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FIVE – Yes FIVE Grandchildren


i-prayed-for-this-child-and-the-lord-has-granted-what-i-asked-of-himWhat a fun prompt today at Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday!!  I thought what am I going to write about with today’s prompt.  Well, we will be welcoming three new grandchildren next March.  Say WHAT?  We will have five ages three and two and three the same age.

I don’t even have to write any further because I shared all about it earlier this week in this post  “We’re Expecting More Grandchildren Soon“.  Grandchildren have not come easy for us.  Children did not come easy for us either with miscarriages, toxemia, two breach babies – one of which was nine weeks early.  I wrote about my Trust Fund babies here.

YES, we’ve prayed just like Hannah did and God is granting our requests.  I’ve prayed He would bless us just as He did Abraham with future generations just like the stars in the sky.

Trying to think of something funny to go with my five.  I’m calling the three due in March triplets – even though they are a set of twins and one.  What’s something cute I could use with Five?  Any thoughts?

So there you go #FMF friends the latest about how God has blessed our family even when there was no hope with my children’s miscarriages, infertility and disease.



2 thoughts on “FIVE – Yes FIVE Grandchildren”

  1. a huge congratulations. We have a set of twins in the family as well. Was to be the third and last pregnancy for my daughter, but she was blessed with two of theem and has had her 5th child since.
    My seventh was born a month ago and have to say I adore all of them

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