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Write 31 Days of Coffee and Amazing Moments





The countdown has begun for the 31 day write project.  Crystal Stine is leading this years 31-days write.  When I think about writing for 31 days this year it is a bit overwhelming and picking a subject well how do I do that again?  The last two years I’ve blogged about Fall.  Yes, I love Fall, but can I really write for 31 days again about Fall?  I think NOT, but I can write some about the amazing days of Fall.

I am really questioning this decision because who really wants to read my posts for 31 days, much less see 31 emails from me this month.  Really, it is hard to get one post done a week much less seven, and in this hectic life I am going to try but………….

It all starts this Saturday.  Really, Saturday is October 1.  How did that happen?  Starting this Saturday I’ll be writing AGAIN for hopefully 31 days and I’ll be choosing free writes and see how much I can write about coffee and all that is amazing in my life.


You can join us here.  Click to join Crystal and the gang or scroll on down and join me in Five-Minute Free Writes here:


Join us here in some free-writes – a whole lot of thingys to write about.  Learn more here:


Day 1 – God Painted The Skies For My Walk This Morning

Day 2 – God Paints Masterpieces

Day 3 – Wardrobe, Baby Cribs/Beds, Infant Items – Ideas/Necessities?

Day 4 – Brew – Jehovah, Java and Tea

Day 5- Silence

Day 6 – You Living Life Fully and Abundantly

Day 7 – Tests Into Testimonies

Day 8 – Sometimes Life Seems Like A Muddled Mess

Day 9 – Post-It Sticky Notes to Self and My Man

Day 10 – Unknown Twins Revealed

Day 11 – Thanks and Reveal of our Fifth Grand Baby

Day 12 – Sky

Day 13 – Aware of Amazing Moments

Day – 14 – We’ve Got Mail

Day 15 – Moving Forward Into The Seasons of Life

Day 16 – Finding Joy In The Little Things – 100 Little Things

Day 17 – Bible Studies I Love

Day 18 – Neighborhood Coffee/Tea, Be A Gift To Your Neighbors

Day 19 – He Notices Me – El Roi

Day 20 -Weekend

Day 21 – Park

Day 22 – 66 Ways God Loves You {Giveaway}

Day 23 – Blowout – What To Do

Day 24 – Simple Ways to Share God’s Love and Locally

Day 25 – Sign

Day 26 – Confronting Trials

Day 27 – Bouquet

Day 28 – Eat

Day 29 – Yes – Yes Today




Day 30 – Cut Salads

Day 31 – If Only I Could Give Away A Copy to Each of You



45 thoughts on “Write 31 Days of Coffee and Amazing Moments”

  1. The challenge is a bit daunting, isn’t it? But you can do it! I’m visiting from the link up on Creative&Free (I’m in spot 7, right next to you), and the prompts there are helping me come up with material. I hope the challenge goes well for you!!

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    1. Hey Kimberly. I printed out the #FMF list and already used it this morning for my first post – Walk I got out early and took some beautiful pictures of God’s handiwork this morning. Hope I can stick with it. Life is so beautiful and hectic.

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    1. I hope I can to Gi Gi. Day 1 done and I have thoughts for tomorrow because we are going to go to our sons. They are expecting twins and tomorrow after lunch us grandmother’s will cut into a cake to reveal the sex. SQUEAL!


  2. Sounds like a fun challenge. Most certainly something for me to work up too.
    It’s spring here in Australia so I’ll be enjoying your fall posts while enjoying warm weather 🙂

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  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at #OverTheMoon. I look forward to what you will share next week! Do something special. Give yourself a standing ovation today! We hope you’ll come back again next Sunday when we open our doors at 6:00 PM EST.


    1. It’s my second or third year Elizabeth – I think second and it’s been difficult. I am running behind this year and still have a couple more posts.


  4. It is not that I have writers block, but at my age I find it difficult to commit to a set program of writing. I love my coffee in the morning, and cold ginger tea in the evening. You are off to a good start writing for October. I too wonder how Oct arrived so quickly. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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    1. Hazel it’s been difficult this year for me. Not sure I can do it again next year. In fact, I’m trying to finish up the last few days late.


  5. Go, Debbie!!! I cannot even fathom being able to do this challenge! I am in awe of everyone taking this challenge! You have my prayers and best cheerleading skills!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing hope with us!
    Blessings and smiles,

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  6. This is a huge commitment and a huge challenge. It is also a chance to free your mind and write. Sometimes when I relax I actually find it therapeutic, and it releases some creative thoughts. I can’t wait to see how you do! Good luck!

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  7. This is such a great writing prompt series. I enjoyed reading your posts listed here. I read everyone of them and enjoyed your insight from your bible study and life. It is truly a blessing to have you join me at Home Sweet Home!

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    1. Thank you so, so much Sherry. I noticed I had a lot of comments from you. So very sweet and thoughtful. You’ve blessed me this evening.


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