Write 31 Days – Day 1 – God Painted The Skies For My Walk This Morning

OK I know it sounds boring, but truly as hard as it is to get dressed and put on those tennis shoes, I can always find something I love looking at whether it be flowers, animals, flags, sunrises, or sunsets.

This morning I talked myself into lacing up those shoes.  After all it is the first few days into Fall and it was a glorious 58 degrees this morning and it felt good with no wind.  As cold natured as I am my shorts were comfy.

I left my house at 7:00 AM CST because I wanted to be out as soon as it started to get light.  My goal today was to go take some pictures on my walk of the Alpacas down the road from me, but those little ones were still in their shelter laying down, and did not want to come out today to see me soooooo I focused instead on the beautiful clouds and oh my what amazing moments God painted for  me this morning.

I am glad I got out at 7:00 sharp because I got some beautiful:




Moments later this flag pole looked like this.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.



As I turned back towards home and it was about 7:30, the flag pole looked like this.



And ultimately the skies looked like this:


So many breath-taking amazing moments this morning.  My how God paints those skies but we have to get out early to enjoy it.  Go look up tomorrow morning and see all that He has done.   He is a wonderful artist, and He was the first.

Wikipedia says that the colors are due to “scattering of light from the sun”.  I believe that God scatters the light to create beautiful pictures of His creation for us.

And along my journey this morning this is what I found along the way back:


This little truck one of my grandsons, Cal dropped when he, Colt and I were out walking on Wednesday.  I knew it was missing when we got home, but it was hot that day and I never got back out to look for it, and I just knew it had been smashed to smithereens (yep that’s a word when I google searched it means “little bits”.

Hope you enjoyed my walk with me this morning, and I hope you’ll continue to join me for the 31-Day Challenge here



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