Write 31 Days – Day 3 -Wardrobe, Baby Cribs/Beds, Infant Items – Ideas/Necessities?


Three grand babies on the way and a whole lot of thinking going on about what this is going to entail at Nana and PaPa’s house.  Our daughter is expecting a baby on March 1, and our son and daughter-in-love are expecting twins on March 15, but you know twins always come early.  I know there will be days where we will have all three babies here and probably both their brothers.

I have lots of things around the house now for our two grandsons  – a toddler who is 3 and another who is 19 months.  They have tons and tons of toys here, but I keep few clothes – usually a change for each season and lots of diapers in many sizes, a couple of swim suits and one pair of pajamas just in case they spend the night unexpectedly.  Who doesn’t like to have a sleep over on the spur?  At lease this Nana and PaPa do.

So I’m planning what I need and looking for ideas from you Mama’s and Nana’s.  If I have all three of the newborns here at once where will they sleep? I have only one Pack N’ Play, and the 3 year old did not like that too long, although the 19 month old still takes a really good nap.  I have one jumper play toy, one twin stroller, and 3 or 4 car seats.

What kind of beds are simple and don’t take a lot of space?  I would love to hear your ideas and what kinds of sheets because I’ve found some of them shrink on me.

What will I need to take care of them wardrobe wise?

Any ideas on a stroller for 3?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Write 31 Days – Day 3 -Wardrobe, Baby Cribs/Beds, Infant Items – Ideas/Necessities?”

  1. One of our daughters had her first baby, my first grand-love, in July and I set about making a nursery in my house since I decided to quit teaching and take care of her while her parents work. What was I thinking? I forgot my age but I certainly remember it now. Ha! I had so many things given to me by my wonderful friends who were already grandmothers that I didn’t research too much. The crib, stroller, car seat…we also have a HUGE second hand sale here twice a year that daughter 3 and I attended to purchase other items. The biggest help is a Facebook group that’s called something like, Mom-to-Mom connect- Mount Pleasant. They ask questions all the time. While some are the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard, some of them are quite helpful. I left any research up to the new parents. But I will say that the bouncy seat I got at the big sale was the best thing I’ve ever purchased in my life! 🙂

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    1. You were blessed with baby stuff for sure. I am so much older than all my friends that all their grandkids are raised and they and my sisters are having great grandchildren. Even our Sunday School class is in the same boat. I’m trying to find some Facebook groups to buy things. I found a garage sale last week and got a vibrator chair but I need 3. LOL! Not such a big problem – it’s a grand one.


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